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Pam Russell
Director of Communications


For Immediate Release
May 4, 2007

Council for Advancement and Support of Education Statement Regarding Alumni Associations and Loan Consolidators

Statement by John Lippincott, president, Council for Advancement and Support of Education

WASHINGTON, D.C.—As the association representing the field of alumni relations, CASE promotes the highest ethical and professional standards, recognizing that trust and integrity are essential to building lifelong relationships with alumni. The CASE Statement of Ethics and the CASE Principles of Practice for Alumni Relations emphasize the importance of operating in a manner that engenders confidence and avoids conflicts of interest.

Recent attention has been focused on the relationship that some college and university alumni associations have with companies that consolidate student loans. Under these agreements, the alumni association assists the company in marketing the service to association members and, in return, may receive licensing fees and related revenues that help support programs and activities of the association and/or the institution.

These arrangements and other affinity agreements—including credit cards, life insurance, and travel programs—are an important dimension of many alumni association programs and can provide real value to the alumnus/a, the institution, and the association.

While we are not aware of any legal or ethical improprieties regarding the loan consolidation agreements or other affinity programs, CASE strongly encourages all of its member institutions to review their programs to ensure that they are operating in accordance with established professional standards, institutional policies, and applicable laws. CASE also urges its members to follow “best practices” in the field and, in the spirit of transparency, to state clearly in related promotional materials if the association or institution receives some benefit from these relationships.