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For Immediate Release
May 1, 2007

CASE and HEP to Merge Matching Gift Programs

Users will Benefit from Expanded Database, More Products and Services

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Matching gift programs operated by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education and HEP Development Services will be merged, giving users of both programs access to an expanded database of companies that match private donations to charitable organizations.

Thousands of companies across the United States support private philanthropy by matching employee gifts to nonprofits, including educational institutions, museums, hospitals, public television networks, and community organizations. Both CASE and HEP currently offer databases and other tools that help nonprofits grow fundraising by identifying companies that match charitable gifts. Both programs also help nonprofits educate donors about corporate matching gift programs that can multiply the value of their gifts.

“A partnership between CASE and HEP makes sense because both organizations are committed to growing philanthropy,” said CASE President John Lippincott. “The educational institutions that make up CASE’s membership will benefit more if we pool our knowledge of companies that match gifts than if we continue to compete. Users of both CASE and HEP products and services will gain from the combined knowledge and commitment of both organizations.”

“HEP is excited to be partnering with an organization like CASE and to make our resources available to its users,” said HEP CEO Steve Hafner. “This partnership will provide nonprofits with an extensive array of databases and products that are designed specifically to increase match donations. HEP/CASE users will now have access to the best data and technology in the market as well as unparalleled customer support.”

Under the agreement, CASE will license its corporate matching gift database and current products to HEP, which will manage the joint program. Current CASE products in addition to a matching gift database include, for example, a matching gift directory and leaflets that help nonprofits communicate with donors about matching gift opportunities.

HEP provides the widely used eMatch donor link™ to nonprofit Web sites, allowing donors to instantly verify if their gifts can be matched and providing access to matching gift forms. In addition, HEP’s GiftPlus matching gift database provides real-time access to company-specific matching gift policies to aid gift accounting staff.

CASE and HEP will market the combined database to nonprofit organizations as the HEP/CASE Matching Gift Network.

The current contracts of all CASE matching gift customers, including educational institutions as well as other nonprofits, will be honored by HEP. The arrangement is expected to take effect by July 1, and no customers should experience a break in service.

“The merging of CASE and HEP will benefit CASE members, other nonprofits, donors, and corporations that can now work with one unified and comprehensive matching gift program,” Lippincott said. “CASE remains committed to helping its members grow matching gift opportunities and will continue to promote and provide resources on matching gifts as part of its partnership with HEP.”

“At the end of the day, this partnership will make it easier for both fundraisers and donors to identify and follow through on match opportunities and, ultimately, raise more money,” according to Hafner.

About CASE

CASE believes in advancing education to transform lives and society. As a global nonprofit membership association of educational institutions, CASE helps develop the communities of professional practice that build institutional resilience and success in challenging times. The communities include staff engaged in alumni relations, fundraising, marketing, student recruitment, stakeholder engagement, crisis communications and government relations. CASE is volunteer-led and uses the intellectual capital of senior practitioners to build capacity and capability across the world.

CASE has offices in Washington, D.C., London, Singapore and Mexico City. Member institutions include more than 3,700 colleges and universities, primary and secondary independent and international schools, and nonprofit organizations in 82 countries. CASE serves nearly 88,000 practitioners. For more information about CASE, please visit www.case.org.

About HEP
HEP Development provides matching gift products, wealth tracking and data-cleansing to more than 4,000 nonprofits nationwide. HEP is based in Leesburg, Va. For more information on HEP, visit www.hepdata.com
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