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June 27, 2016

CASE Europe Announces New Trustees for FY17

LONDON—The CASE Europe Board has appointed five new trustees to join from 1 July 2016.

Professor Sir David Greenaway, vice-chancellor of The University of Nottingham and chair of the CASE Europe Board of Trustees, said, "I am extremely pleased to confirm the five new trustees who have been selected by the board. This year, an extremely high quality set of nominations were received. In making their decision, the board focussed on appointing colleagues with a deep understanding of working across Europe in addition to strengths in their own area of expertise. CASE provides members with a large and valuable range of benefits, one of the most significant being the opportunity to learn from other professions, sectors and countries on how to advance their institution. Given this, it is vital that our board mirrors this breadth of experience."

The five new trustees who will serve a three-year term of office from 1 July 2016 are:

  • Craig Considine, head master, Millfield School, England
  • Salima Virji, development director, Highgate School, England
  • Lee Fertig, director, International School of Brussels, Belgium
  • Serge Sych, vice president for enrolment management, career services and alumni relations, CEU, Hungary
  • Jean van Sinderen-Law, associate vice president of development, University College Cork, Ireland

Two current trustees have been reappointed to serve for a second term of office and are:

  • Professor Anton Muscatelli, vice-chancellor and principal, Glasgow University, Scotland, UK
  • Xavier Michel, former director general, Ecole Polytechnique, France

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Greenaway added: "CASE continues to thrive not only in Europe but around the world. As pressure grows on the education sector from a variety of sources, the sharing of knowledge is essential as we innovate to progress our institutions through alumni relations, marketing, communications and fundraising. Our trustees have led this work in Europe, and we are all deeply indebted for the support of those trustees who leave us in 2016."

John Middleton, executive director of CASE Europe, said, "I have never worked with such a committed, informed and passionate board of trustees. It has been a wonderful experience to work alongside my trustees and learn from some of the leading professionals in our sector. This past year, we have really benefitted from their strategic guidance, and as our strategic review concludes in the coming months, we are all keen to develop our services to be able to respond even better to our members' needs next year. We all wish our departing trustees continued success and to remain part of the CASE family."

The following trustees left the board this year:

  • Elizabeth Cairncross, head, Wells Cathedral School, UK
  • Lesley Humphries, former development director, St John's School Leatherhead, UK
  • Lori Houlihan, executive director of development and alumni relations, University College London
  • Karen Napier, chief executive, Swarovski Foundation

"All our members and staff would like to thank these trustees for their vision, leadership and commitment to CASE Europe," Middleton said. "Their contribution has been considerable, and CASE Europe is a better organisation because of them."

CASE has more than 3,600 members, making it one of the largest educational associations in the world; more than 400 of whom are in Europe.

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