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Pam Russell
Director of Communications


For Immediate Release
Jan. 16, 2009

CASE Begins New Year with New Organizational Structure

WASHINGTON, D.C.-CASE began 2009 with a reorganized structure designed to enhance service to members, respond to changes in the profession and more closely align related offices internally. Staff members will also be forming internal teams to focus on the unique needs of constituencies, such as alumni relations professionals.

"Our goal in restructuring is to create internal synergies that will help us further sharpen our focus on the daily needs of our members in the rapidly changing world of advancement," said CASE President John Lippincott. "In addition, the new structure will help us to deliver on the promise of our strategic initiatives."

The new structure organizes the staff into the following five divisions:

  • Advancement Programs: This division is made up of specific programs that serve members, including in-person and online conferences, awards programs and a new office that will focus in part on advancement staffing issues by uniting the offices of emerging constituencies, CASE ASAP and the career center. The division is led by Norma Walker, former vice president for professional development. The new office focusing on advancement staffing is led by Rob Henry, executive director of emerging constituencies.
  • Advancement Resources: This division brings together publications (books and CURRENTS), research, the information center, and communications (including BriefCASE and the CASE Web site) to focus on the development and delivery of content for members. It is led by Rae Goldsmith, formerly vice president for communications and marketing. Chris Thompson, former vice president for research and information, has assumed responsibilities as senior director of research to continue growth in this area.
  • Marketing and External Relations: This division brings together marketing, membership, corporate relations and government relations in order to unite CASE's external functions. The division is being led on an interim basis by Deborah Bongiorno, who has been serving as interim vice president of member relations, during the search for a vice president. In addition, government relations director Brian Flahaven, who has been working with institutionally related foundations on an interim basis, will assume responsibility for foundations as part of his regular responsibilities.
  • Business and Finance: This division, which includes finance, human resources, information technology, office management, and the member services center, remains largely unchanged under the leadership of Vice President Donald Falkenstein.
  • International Operation: This division, which includes CASE Europe, CASE Asia-Pacific, and other international initiatives, remains unchanged under the leadership of Vice President Joanna Motion.

As part of the reorganization, Brett Chambers, executive director of volunteer relations, has assumed additional responsibilities for special projects as part of the president's office.

Lippincott said no expenses were incurred with the reorganization and that the number of staff positions remains the same.