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Pam Russell
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For Immediate Release
May 20, 2014

CASE Announces 2014 Educational Fundraising Award Winners

WASHINGTON, D.C.—CASE has named 84 colleges and universities and 20 independent schools as recipients of its 2014 Educational Fundraising Awards, which recognize U.S. institutions for overall performance and improvement in educational fundraising programs.

The selection is based on data submitted to the Council for Aid to Education's annual Voluntary Support of Education survey. A CASE member institution is automatically eligible to receive an overall performance or overall improvement award provided it has participated in the VSE survey for the past three years.

Judges reviewed the fundraising data of 514 eligible institutions before naming the award winners. Of the 84 colleges and universities selected, 46 won an award for overall performance in fundraising while 38 won for overall improvement. Eleven independent schools won for overall performance in fundraising; nine won for overall improvement. The full list of winners is available on the CASE website.

"Fundraising at educational institutions is a complex, yet vital function whose importance continues to grow on campuses across the U.S.," says Brian Flahaven, director of legislative, foundation and recognition programs. "This award recognizes its high-value and acknowledges those institutions with well-maintained programs that reflect solid growth and breadth in their support."

In addition to recognition for overall performance and improvement, 12 educational institutions received 2014 Sustained Excellence in Educational Fundraising Awards. Sustained Excellence Awards recognize institutions that have received CASE Educational Fundraising Awards in overall performance or overall improvement in three of the last five years.

The institutions receiving 2014 Sustained Excellence Awards are:
Amherst College (Mass.)
Baylor College of Medicine (Texas)
Boise State University (Idaho)
California State University, Fresno
Harvard University (Mass.)
Stanford University (Calif.)
Texas Christian University
United States Military Academy (N.Y.)
University of California, Berkeley
University of Kansas
University School (Ohio)
Villanova University (Pa.)

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