About CASE
Opportunity and Inclusion

CASE's eight district Opportunity & Inclusion chairs play a vital role in supporting CASE's ongoing efforts in the area of diversity. During their tenure as chairs, they work closely with the CASE Senior Director of Diversity and Talent Management to develop, coordinate and shape diversity programs at both the district and national level.

Goals for the chair group include:

  • Create, advocate and facilitate diversity programming at the district level for the annual district conference.
  • Welcome new professionals of diverse backgrounds to the district and/or the profession.
  • Serve as a conduit for volunteer professionals and students of color to get involved with CASE district conferences and activities.
  • Identify names of senior-level professionals of diverse backgrounds for consideration in the nomination process.
  • Serve as a mentor for professionals and students of diverse backgrounds. 

Opportunity & Inclusion Chairs 2018

District I
Cristina Dieguez-Kuo
Campaign Director
Miss Porter's School

District I
Barbara Sabia
Director of Individual Giving
Yale Law School

District II
Debra Valentine-Gray
Director of Regional Advancement
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

District II
Brigette Bryant
Vice Chancellor for University Advancement 
City University of New York 

District III
Marcus Burgess
Vice President of University Advancement
Florida Memorial University

District IV
Gregory Perrin
Associate Vice President and Executive Director, for Development
University of Texas Austin

District V
Reginald Best
Vice President for Diversity Outreach and Engagement 
University of Cincinnati Alumni Association

District VI
Jessica Elmore
Associate Director of Diversity Programs

District VII
Justin Gibson
Associate Director for 
Partnership UCLA/Alumni Career Programs

District VIII
Thuy Tran
Director of Marketing and Communications College of Engineering
Oregon State University