About CASE
Diversity inside CASE

CASE's Diversity Committee was created in June 1992 by then CASE president Peter Buchanan. The committee seeks to provide a forum for staff to discuss diversity issues.

The Diversity Committee's ground rules were formally instituted in 1993: to foster respect and build cultural competency that enable all employees to contribute to the organization's success by developing and utilizing their talents, strengths, and career experiences.

CASE defines diversity to include ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, able-ism.

Strategic Goals

  1. To create an open, welcoming, and learning environment that enhances employee productivity, mutual respect, and cultural understanding.
  2. To educate CASE about how cultural competency and diversity impact the work environment.
  3. To encourage consistent recruitment, hiring, training and promotion of qualified professionals with diverse backgrounds at all levels of CASE and to serve as a resource to management.