About CASE

CASE is committed to growing the diversity of the advancement profession and helping colleges, universities and independent schools strengthen relationships with an increasingly diverse alumni population. Successful advancement offices will employ individuals who can tap the resources of diverse alumni, who expect approaches and programming to mirror their cultures, values and experiences.

CASE has adopted the following diversity mission statement.

CASE aspires to help institutions connect with their diverse constituencies and create pathways for current and future employees of diverse backgrounds.

CASE has launched a number of initiatives to help diversify the profession, including its Minority Advancement Institute and the CASE Advancement Internship Program. CASE also continues to explore additional opportunities for training and development to educate the advancement profession about the value of diversity.

CASE acknowledges this shift in demographics in college graduates and welcomes its membership to keep abreast of emerging constituencies which will be essential for the future of advancement. These underrepresented populations need to be considered in any attempt at diversity and inclusion.

Peter A. Hayashida, Myra Garcia and James H. Moore Jr., three leading advancement practitioners, talk about the importance of diversity and how leaders in the profession can support it.