Perspectives on Educational AdvancementIn the midst of changes at CASE and throughout the world during Fiscal Year 2015, these facts remained constant: the commitment of CASE to its members, and the dedication of CASE's members to the mission, strategy and goals of their institutions and to the ethical standards and principles that define advancement as a profession.

During this past year, fundraising continued to grow throughout the world, with the potential for increased giving noted even among countries outside the largest economies. Donations increased to charitable causes in general and to educational institutions in particular.

Alumni relations professionals, embracing the power of analytics, found new ways to measure constituent engagement and to use this wealth of information strategically. Practitioners in communications and marketing continued to take advantage of the power of social media. While its demands can seem unceasing, its potential to integrate efforts to advance educational institutions is still being discovered.

Throughout the profession, practitioners are finding that Millennials have different expectations of their institutions, and the power of data mining, along with the time-tested practice of listening to constituents, will help make these relationships robust and long-lasting.

The following pages include perspectives on 2014-2015 presented in the form of quotes and statistics from and about the year.

ASAP 2015

"I consider myself deeply fortunate to lead this exceptional organization and am looking forward to working together to build on CASE’s impressive accomplishments during the last 40 years."

-Sue Cunningham, President, CASE

CASE President Sue Cunningham