Perspectives on Educational AdvancementFiscal year 2014 was a strong year for the advancement profession. Charitable giving to educational institutions attained record-levels in several countries as the world economy improved; social media activity hit its stride as more institutions realized its power and potential; and alumni relations celebrated 100 years of engagement.

Practitioners in alumni relations, communications, fundraising and marketing took note of the advantages of an integrated profession and explored new ways to work together to engage alumni, donors, students, faculty, volunteers and other constituents of their institutions.

At the same time, CASE members sought to measure and communicate their success, using metrics and measurement tools, for institutional leaders who are increasingly looking for return on investment in their institution's advancement activities. They increased their use of data to inform key decisions, and they looked across the profession for benchmarks and best practices to give context to their work.

Even as they explored new trends and partnerships, they kept their attention focused on mission and strategy, defining goals, conducting research, developing plans and launching initiatives. And always, these professionals remained committed to the ethical standards and principles that define advancement as a profession.

The following pages include perspectives on 2012-2013 presented in the form of quotes and statistics from and about the year.

CASE-NAIS audience

On the occasion of CASE's 40th anniversary, I am pleased to report that your membership association has never been in better shape. We have just completed a very successful fiscal year by many measures.

-John Lippincott, President, CASE

CASE President John Lippincott