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Good Question: Integrated Advancement

Q: Do you have any articles about communications, development and alumni relations working collaboratively? I'm looking for resources on integrating the advancement functions.

A: During the October 2013 meeting of the CASE Commissions, all three commissions participated in a joint discussion on the topic of integrating the advancement disciplines. Given the interest in the discussion and questions we've received, the Library has prepared a collection of resources on this topic.

The collection includes links to CURRENTS articles and other CASE resources featuring collaborative efforts and cross-discipline initiatives between alumni relations, development, communications, marketing and advancement services. It also includes CASE Circle of Excellence Award winning entries from the past three years in the Collaborative Programs category.

The Circle of Excellence award winning programs provide specific examples of the advancement disciplines working with each other, with other on-campus groups, such as faculty and the admissions office, and with off-campus bodies, such as other institutions and local hospitals.

CASE Resources
Circle of Excellence Award Winners


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