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The annual publication, Voluntary Support of Education (VSE), offers comprehensive data on contributions, by source and purpose, for over 1,000 higher-education institutions and 200 private elementary and secondary schools. It includes a summary report that describes patterns of giving nationwide and links trends in giving to major economic indicators.

Voluntary Support of Eudcation

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Data Miner online benchmarking service [Learn more] [Contact Us to Subscribe]
Data Miner is an online benchmarking service that provides subscribers access to over 350 variables across 10 years of VSE survey data about private giving to more than 1,000 higher-education and 200 precollege institutions. Contact the VSE staff for more information.

VSE Summary Findings [Buy in the CASE Store]
The VSE Summary Findings PowerPoint presentation includes all the tables and graphs from the VSE book, with editable speaking points and titles. The presentation does not include individual institution data from the data pages of the publication. The high-quality format tables and graphs can also be copied into other presentations and reports. 

VSE Higher Ed Advancement Investment [Buy in the CASE Store]
The VSE Higher Ed Advancement Investment PowerPoint presentation summarizes findings on the financial investment in and staffing of the advancement function in a sample of higher-education institutions. It includes editable speaking notes and titles.

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