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Frequently Asked Questions

Members spoke, and we listened

The new benefits are a direct response to member requests for new and expanded CASE resources.
Simply put—members spoke, and we listened. The new benefits are a direct response to member requests for new and expanded CASE quality resources. They come as a result of extensive discussions, inquiries and research surveys conducted over many months involving both CASE staff and more than 2,400 members. Based on highly positive member feedback, in-depth analyses and thoughtful deliberations, the board of trustees overwhelmingly approved the new benefits in July 2015.
Your membership changed in two ways. First, CASE now extends access to all member benefits to your entire advancement staff. Second, there are added benefits such as complimentary webinars and an enhanced version of digital Currents. As a result, the new CASE membership is much more streamlined. Rather than the previous standard and premier level memberships, there is one level that covers all advancement staff. This should help your institution eliminate some of the administrative burden it has faced having to budget and track individual staff member levels and their benefits.
Staff at all member institutions around the world have access to the new benefits.
The new membership model went into effect on July 1, 2016. You can enjoy access to all the great new benefits today!
There is no limit on the number of participants per institution. One of the most important aspects of the new membership is the ability of institutions to extend CASE benefits to all advancement staff. CASE recognizes that to be successful both now and in the future, institutions must be able to cultivate and develop advancement staff at all levels. Making more and better professional benefits available to more individuals has a significant impact.
No, you can access all of the benefits by logging into the CASE website.
To support these new services and to offset the normal increases in costs, there are changes to the annual dues. Every effort has been made to keep rates reasonable and in line with the added value of the new benefits. In fact, member institutions will find that given the opportunity to expose more staff to more CASE benefits, the return on their investment is much greater.
Contact the member support center or call +1-202-328-CASE [2273].