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The CASE InfoCenter maintains this collection of online samples for all members.

  • Ball State University
    Social Media Policy
    Look to right menu for social media policy and guidance statement, which includes best practices and posting recommendations.
  • Brock University
    Social Media
    Look to left menu for more resources, including strategy, guidelines for effective social media use, social media icons and design, monitoring tips, how-to resources and a directory of all official university social media pages.
  • Carnegie Mellon University
    Carnegie Mellon University & Social Media
    Includes guidelines on how to get started with social media and best practices and tips on social media usage and accountability.
  • College of Saint Rose
    Social Media Policy
    Social Media Best Practices
    The policy includes notes on users, applicable platforms, acceptable language and behavior and links to relevant policies. The best practices cover both institutional and personal social media presences.
  • College of William and Mary
    Social Media @ W&M
    Look to the left menu for links to social media strategy, an introductory user's guide, the list of commonly used college hashtags, the comment policy and information on the campus social media user's group.
  • Colorado State University
    Social Media at Colorado State
    Look to the right menu for links to the university's social media policy, best practices, resources for specific social platforms and additional campus resources, such graphic standards and a communicator's toolbox.
  • The Derryfield School
    Social Networking Suggestions & Guidelines for The Derryfield School Employees
    Provides guidelines and standards of use for engaging with social media at this coeducational school serving grades 6–12.
  • George Mason University
    Social Media Guidelines
    Includes general recommendations and guidelines for specific social platforms.
  • Gettysburg College
    Social Media Guidelines
    Outlines several guiding principles for social media participation and lists 11 "Rules of Engagement."
  • Hawkeye Community College
    Social Media
    Look to the left menu for links to the advertising policy, guidelines for creating and maintaining a social media presence and information on communicating via social.
  • Illinois Wesleyan University
    Social Media Policy
    Includes 11 guidelines and links to other relevant university policies.
  • Kansas State University
    Social Media
    Look to the left menu for links to social media guidelines, the #kstate Tagboard, profile image design and information about the campus social media roundtable meetings.
  • Lethbridge College
    Social Media at Lethbridge College
    Links on the page include the social media policy, the code of conduct and the directory of official accounts.
  • Longwood University
    Social Media Guidelines
    An introduction to social media followed by 11 guidelines.
  • Marquette University
    Marquette University Social Media
    See the left-hand menu for social media platforms used by the university. On the page for each platform, navigate tabs called "What's up now?", "Tips and Guidelines" and "Directory." Also see Social Media at Marquette, which provides the rationale for the university's social media presence and tabs with guidelines for students, faculty and staff; guidelines for colleges; and information on copyright. The page references a social media white paper available upon request from the director of interactive marketing.
  • Medaille College
    Social Media Policy
    Policy covers aspects of social media ranging from account administration to intellectual property use; includes Top 10 Guidelines for Social Media Participation.
  • Missouri University of Science and Technology
    Social Media Guidelines
    Guidelines include list of official social media presence, social media objectives, guidelines for departments or units to follow for establishing a social media presence and general best practices.
  • Northeastern State University
    Social Media and Networking Etiquette
    Includes introduction to social media, links to related university policies and guiding principles for social media engagement.
  • Oberlin College
    Oberlin College Educational Guidelines on Electronic Social Networking
    Includes statement of purpose, social networking definition and guidelines on managing online presences and associated risks.
  • The Open University
    Guidelines & Standards: Social Media
    This page links to resources about OU's presence in social media, including (near the bottom of the page) Open University Twitter strategy; Open University YouTube position statement; Open University Facebook position statement; Open University Social Media policy.
  • The Pingry School
    Social Media & Internet Guidelines
    Provides separate guidelines for the school's faculty/staff and K–12 students.
  • Portland Community College
    Participating in PCC's Social Networks
    Policy developed by the PCC Marketing Office on how to participate on the PCC "core social networks" (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flicker and Scribd). Includes rules on creating department-specific sites and a section of additional social media resources.

    Participating in Non-PCC Social Networks
    Gives two pieces of advice for participating in online communities outside of PCC: Be responsible and be authentic.
  • Princeton University
    Social Media
    Includes a detailed social media policy covering definitions, account creation, naming guidelines, notification, responsibilities, content posting, moderating comments and troubleshooting; a social media strategy document; and platform-specific social media best practices.
  • Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
    Guidelines for Rutgers Social Media Accounts
    Includes guidelines for launching a social media presence and best practices for running a social media campaign.
  • Saint Ignatius College Preparatory
    Faculty Social Media Policy
    Guidelines for faculty, staff and other authorized users on use of social media in marketing and alumni relations. Also addresses school-related use and personal use.
  • San Jose State University
    SJSU Social Media Guide
    Includes sections on getting started; 12 social media best practices; tips on content creation, measurement and analytics; branding guidelines; and external links to additional resources. Check the navigation at the top of the page for more tools and information.
  • Seattle University
    Social Media Policy
    Social Media Guidelines
    Social Media Guidelines contain general information plus guidelines for naming, comment moderation and use of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogging and LinkedIn.
  • Stony Brook University
    Social Media Guidelines
    Includes links to official social media presence, guidelines and tips for social media use, as well as behavioral expectations and notes on confidentiality and copyright law.
  • St. Catherine University
    Social Media
    Includes all campus social media accounts. Links to policies and best practices in the left-hand column.
  • St. John's College
    Social Media Guidelines and Policies
    General guidelines outline purposes of social media for specific constituencies. Includes sections on privacy considerations, policy violations, posting photos and video, copyright, name and logo use, and content management.
  • Texas Christian University
    TCU Social Media Best Practices
    Includes social media worksheet, purpose of social networking, general guidelines, moderating comments, information on specific social networking sites, examples of social media interaction, legal implications and additional resources.
  • Tufts University
    Social Media Overview
    Includes an introduction to social media with key principles, university policies and best practices. Look to the menu on the left for additional links and tips to individual social media platforms.
  • Tulane University
    Social Media Guidelines
    Includes links to more detailed policies to expand social media policy (i.e., Trademark, Logo & Use Policy) and adds additional recommendations.
  • University of British Columbia
    UBC Social Media Handbook
    Handbook formatted as a Wiki (see more on the thinking behind using a Wiki as the primary content repository). Covers a broad range of subject matter, including general guidelines of social media use, relevant university policies, best practices and tips, and links to additional online resources.
  • University College Cork
    University College Cork Guide to using Social Media
    Contains general principles as well as specific protocols for four areas: microblogging (Twitter, etc.), blogging (external and internal), social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) and social video (YouTube, etc.).
  • University of California, Santa Barbara
    Social Networking on the Internet: Guide for UCSB Employees, Departments, and Registered Organizations
    Includes general guidelines as well as specifics on posting, risks, monitoring and investigations.
  • University of Exeter
    Social Media Guidelines
    Includes general sections on how to behave and how to successfully use social media. Links in the left menu provide specific guidelines regarding the university's presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.
  • University of Georgia
    Social Media Guidelines
    Includes best practices and information on how to obtain permission to create official university accounts. Links to copyright, FERPA, privacy and other policies at the bottom of the page.
  • University of Guelph
    Social Media Guidelines
    Includes an introduction to social media and sections on best practices, institutional social media and relevant resources.
  • University of Kansas
    Guidelines for the Use of Facebook at KU
    Includes general guidelines and others for page creation/registration, posting of content (general content; university marks; personal images; copyrighted materials; commercial use) and best practices for Facebook. See the menu at left for other parts of the KU Visual Identity toolkit.
  • University of Louisiana at Monroe
    Social Media Guidelines
    Includes statement of purpose plus specific strategies and guidelines in a unique table format for Facebook and Twitter.
  • University of Maryland, Robert H. Smith School of Business
    Blogging @ Smith
    Facebook Strategy
    The Tweet Sheet—Twitter Guide
    These three guides cover policies and best practices for specific social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook and blogging.
  • University of Michigan, Voices of the Staff
    Guidelines for the Use of Social Media
    Includes general guidelines; privacy and safety tips for working with social networks; and guidelines for posting as an individual and posting on the university’s behalf.
  • University of New Hampshire
    Social Media Guidelines
    Links to UNH Social Media Index, a list of blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and social media resources.
  • University of Saskatchewan
    Social Media Guidelines
    Includes strategy tips, general guidelines, best practices and policy considerations.
  • University of Texas at Austin
    Social Media Guidelines
    Includes specific guidelines for faculty/staff and social media property/community managers. Links to a variety of related policies and guidelines, as well as the university's social media directory.
  • University of Wisconsin-Platteville
    Social Media Policy
    Includes introduction and general recommendations for social media use. Left navigation links to pages listing UW-Platteville's presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Vanderbilt University
    Social Media Handbook
    Available as a PDF or series of web pages. Comprehensive resource includes definitions, how the university is using social media, related policies, how to get started, best practices for a successful social media presence and seven appendices with information about individual social media sites.
  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center
    Social Media Toolkit
    Includes VUMC social media policy. Other sections of toolkit address personal use of social media; how to apply for an account; VUMC social media strategy; participation guidelines; information on popular social media platforms and general best practices. See also the VUMC social media training video linked from the box on the right.
  • Virginia Tech
    University Relations Social Networking Guidelines for Department Use and Best Practices for Personal Use
    Breaks down into guidelines for university relations departments and best practices for personal use. Includes additional resources for social networking best practices.
  • Washington University in St. Louis
    Washington University in St. Louis Social Media Policy
    Guidelines for starting a social media feed for the university and a reference for those managing an existing feed, in an effort to keep the university’s whole social media presence consistent.
  • Weber State University
    Social Media Guidelines
    Social Media Best Practices
    Social Media Guidelines include general recommendations based on best practices, guidelines for managing a social network on behalf of the university and additional resources. Social Media Best Practices page has guidelines on comments.
  • West Virginia University
    West Virginia University Social Media Guidelines
    Includes links to university Facebook and blogging guidelines. Guidelines are broken down according social media use—on behalf of the university or for personal use.

    Health Sciences Center Guidelines for Appropriate Electronic Networking, and Social Media
    Applicable to all faculty, staff and students at the Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center. Includes specifics on how to deal with personal health information.
  • Westminster College
    Social Media Guidelines
    Includes guidelines on initial considerations to setting up a social media presence, how to become an official social media page and general guidelines and considerations, such as how to develop a strategy.
  • Whitworth University
    Social Media Guide
    Links to information on how the university uses social media, policies on university-endorsed accounts, student-specific policies and best practices.
  • Wichita Collegiate School
    Online Social Networking
    Guidelines for school employees to use when dealing with specific constituencies—grades PK–12 students, parents, alumni, etc.—on a social network.
  • Wright State University
    Communications & Marketing: Social Media
    Includes sections on getting started (downloads specific for each social media site), best practices on social media use, tips on social media marketing, legal considerations and a directory of Wright State's current social media presence.

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