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Alumni Dues
Does CASE have any resources or best practices on alumni association funding models?

    • Alumni Engagement Metrics
      Does CASE have any samples of how other institutions are measuring return on investment for alumni relations?
    • Alumni Student Mentoring
      Do you have any best practices on alumni student mentoring programs?
    • Alumni Surveys
      We are preparing to conduct an alumni survey. Do you have sample surveys that can be emailed to me?
    • Alumni Volunteers
      We're beginning a review of our alumni volunteer materials. Do you have any samples you can send me?
    • Annual Giving
      Do you have any best practices on annual giving or sample annual fund campaigns?
    • Boards
      Does CASE have information about alumni boards and foundation boards? We're looking for roles and responsibilities of each type, expectations for individual board members, committee structures, nomination and orientation materials, etc.
    • Branding
      We are looking to refresh our branding. As we begin, do you have any best practices and samples showing us how to integrate our marketing, messaging and visual identity efforts?
    • Campaign Case Statements
      Does CASE have samples of campaign case statements?
    • Charitable Gift Law
      We are starting an international fundraising program and will be asking foreign alumni for gifts. Can donors in other countries receive tax benefits or deductions for gifts to our institution?
    • Commencement & Social Media
      I am looking to take advantage of social media in promoting and celebrating activities surrounding commencement. Does CASE have any samples and best practices for this?
    • Community College Alumni Relations
      Does CASE have any resources on growing and sustaining a community college alumni relations program?
    • Community College Grants
      Do you have any resources on best practices for community college grant development and management?
    • Copyright & Licensing for Images and Multimedia
      Does CASE have information about copyright and licensing for multimedia? Where can we obtain inexpensive or free music and images to use on our website and in social media?
    • Corporate & Foundation Relations
      We are looking to expand our corporate and foundation relations program, do you have any information on trends or what other institutions are doing?
    • Crisis Planning & Management
      I need resources on campus crisis management. Also, do you have any sample crisis communications plans? We are working on one and want to see samples to help us get started.
    • Crowdfunding
      Does CASE have any resources on crowdfunding in higher education?
    • Culture of Philanthropy
      Does CASE have any resources on growing a culture of philanthropy?
    • Diverse Philanthropic Constituencies
      Do you have any resources on raising money from diverse donor constituencies?
    • Endowment Management
      Do you have any resources on managing endowments?
    • Faculty & Staff Fundraising & Giving
      Does CASE have any resources that would help us train faculty and staff about their role in fundraising? We want them to understand why fundraising is important and relevant to them. Also, does CASE have any articles or information about successful faculty and staff giving programs?
    • Gift Acceptance Policies
      We are revising our gift acceptance policy and are interested in reviewing samples from other institutions. Do you have any samples or best practices to share?
    • Gift Fees
      Our institution is about to begin charging gift fees. Do you have examples of how other institutions are communicating about this fee to their different audiences?
    • Gift Officer Metrics
      Do you have any samples of metrics used to evaluate the performance of fundraisers, especially major gift officers? If not, do you have information that can help us develop metrics?
    • Graduate School Alumni Relations
      We are expanding outreach to alumni of the university's graduate schools. Does CASE have any resources about engaging graduate school alumni, given that their experiences are different from those of typical undergraduate alumni?
    • Infographics
      Does CASE have resources that discuss best practices for designing infographics? What about examples of infographics created for advancement purposes?
    • Integrated Advancement
      Do you have any articles about communications, development and alumni relations working collaboratively? I'm looking for resources on integrating the advancement functions.
    • International Alumni Relations
      Does CASE have any materials on international alumni chapters, common issues among schools with international alumni programs, or related topics?
    • International Fundraising
      Does CASE have any resources on international fundraising?
    • LGBT Development & Alumni Relations
      Do you have any resources about alumni relations and fundraising efforts tailored to LGBT constituencies?
    • Mobile Websites
      Does CASE have any recommendations or best practices for developing a mobile website and samples from institutions that have already done so?
    • Naming
      My institution would like to develop guidelines for naming opportunities. Does CASE have any samples of written policies?
    • Online Giving Days
      Does CASE have any resources about online day of giving campaigns in higher education?
    • Organizational Charts
      My institution is restructuring its advancement offices. Does CASE have any sample org charts that I can review?
    • Parent Engagement
      What resources does CASE have for engaging parents? Any samples of what other institutions are doing is great too.
    • Planned Giving
      Do you have resources on planned giving trends and best practices?
    • Presidential Transitions
      I would appreciate any information you have about planning and undertaking a presidential transition. I could use communication plans, press releases, timelines, etc.
    • Presidents from Advancement
      Do you know if there’s a list of college and university presidents who have come from advancement positions?
    • Return on Investment for Fundraising
      How do we determine the return on investment in our fundraising operation? One way is to calculate the cost to raise $1 or £1, but do you have information on other methods? Are staff salaries typically included in calculations?
    • Scholarships
      Do you have information on scholarship management and administration?
    • Special Event Planning
      Do you have any resources on best practices for planning special events?
    • Stewardship Publications
      I'm looking for samples of stewardship materials.
    • Strategic Plans
      I would like to receive samples of strategic plans. I would be most interested in URLs of plans presented online.
    • Student Philanthropy
      Do you have resources about student philanthropy and how to teach students about the importance of giving before they become alumni? Examples of what has worked for other universities would be helpful too.
    • Student Recruitment
      Do you have resources about student recruitment communications and marketing tactics? Samples from other institutions would also be helpful.
    • Talent Management
      Do you have resources on talent management in advancement?
    • Young Alumni Engagement
      Do you have any best practices on engaging young alumni?


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