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Peer Advancement Review

CASE provides you with the insights you need for your advancement endeavors
  • How do the advancement operations at your institution compare to best practices in the field?
  • How do you measure the effectiveness of your advancement systems, programs and resources?

Many institutions endeavor to exercise best practices and lessons learned in their advancement efforts. But it's difficult to get an objective snapshot of what's working, not working, and why.

Consider conducting a CASE Advancement Peer Review on your campus.

What Is a CASE Peer Advancement Review?

A CASE Peer Advancement Review brings a team of educational advancement experts to your campus for a confidential, objective review process. It's designed to help your institution understand how its advancement operations compare to best practices in the field.

Why You Need It
  • The process identifies your institution's critical strengths and weaknesses within your advancement program and system.
  • It will provide you with insights into how other institutions deal with similar challenges, while suggesting a direction you may consider in order to see improvement.
  • You will benefit from the breadth and depth of knowledge that only CASE can provide.

How peer review works