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Volume 8, Issue 2

Panel Spotlight: Conference for Community College Grants Professionals

Community college executives, foundation representatives and experienced grant professionals will be on hand to provide insights in at the CASE Conference for Community College Grants Professionals, Nov. 1-3, in Washington, D.C.

Anthony Funari, a grants professional at Johnson County Community College, will be facilitating a selection of the panels, focusing on the following challenges grants professionals face:

Executive leadership. This panel will give attendees an opportunity to pick the brains of three community college executives.

"One question is, 'What does the career path look like for someone (in grants)?' Grants professionals touch every department, so how can we bring those parties together?" explains Funari. "We'll be asking the question of how we approach our administration and how do we start having this conversation about going after grants."

This panel will also explore how grant professionals can support their institution's overall resource development goals.

Faculty engagement. Grants professionals are in a unique position to support their institution's faculty with grants, even the larger grants that seem out of reach, says Funari.

"We're going to (address) the idea that community college faculty don't normally have grants on their radar," says Funari. "We'll talk with professionals who have done outreach to faculty, so we can learn about faculty hesitation and reservations."

This panel will also discuss challenges and experiences grant professionals have working with faculty members at their institutions.

National initiatives and foundations. Members of the Aspen Institute, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Achieving the Dream will be on hand to discuss an overview of these organizations' national initiatives in higher education.

"What are the trends in private funding and how can community colleges fit in with theirstrategies and initiatives? How can we (community colleges) best partner with them?" says Funari. "When it comes to these foundations, we hope to help demystify some of these questions, so they can seem more approachable for grants professionals."

This article is from the September/October 2017 issue of the Community College Advancement News.

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