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Student Engagement and Philanthropy Month Toolkit

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Ready to publicize your participation in Student Engagement and Philanthropy Month? We have all the resources you need.


Twitter Bingo

#StudentEngageMonth bingo sheet 


Press release template

Media advisory template 

Sample press release 


We request that participants display a Student Engagement and Philanthropy Month identifier on your print and online promotions. You can do this in one of two ways:

1. Use the SEP Month poster logo with date (JPEG or EPS) or the SEP Day poster logo without date (JPEG) (coming soon)

Logo for European and Asian institutions (EPS version) (coming soon)

Black-and-white logos (American version, European version) (coming soon)

2. Include the following text somewhere on your promotional materials (at the bottom in small-size type is fine): Student Engagement and Philanthropy Month—In Partnership with CASE

You can also download a website badge for to place on your website announcing your participation. Please link the badge to

High res logos in EPS


We want samples of your promotional materials! Please email your artwork for flyers, posters or other promotions of your Student Engagement and Philanthropy Month event to


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