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CASE ASAP District 5

 Hi there, District 5!

 It has been wonderful to get to know many of you over the past several months. Thank you for being so kind and welcoming - you have made this transition very smooth for me, and it has  truly been a pleasure. I am so excited to work with you all over the next two years!

 I would especially like to thank everyone who attended the National CASE Conference for Student Advancement this past August in Atlanta. Your  presentations were stellar, and your enthusiasm made the experience just that much more enjoyable. I loved seeing all of your photos on our brand new District 5 Facebook Group. A huge congratulations to Bri Coggins from the University of Cincinati for wining a CASE ASAP award for Outstanding Adviser. We are so proud of you!

Looking at the rest of the year, we have a couple of exciting events and opportunities to look forward to. First, the deadline to apply to host a District 5 State Day is Friday, October 7, 2016. Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

Additionally, CASE ASAP is thrilled to announce the implementation of the first District Cabinet system. The District Representatives will appoint their first cabinets this fall, with one student member per state within the districts. The deadline to apply for these positions is October 10, 2016, with the inaugural term beginning November 1. I am unbelievably excited about these positions and the leadership potential they hold for our district members.

I feel so blessed to be a part of District 5. There is a unique passion that you bring to the table, and I can't wait to see how we can tap into that as we continue to strengthen our student advancement organizations.

Until next time, District 5!


Tracy Kondrit
CASE ASAP District 5 Representative
Ohio University Student Alumni Board

To contact Tracy, please use CASE's online form. In the subject line include: Tracy Kondtrit, CASE ASAP District 5 Representative

CASE ASAP District 5 State Meetings

The deadline to submit a bid packet to host a CASE ASAP District 5 State Day is October 7. Please contact Tracy Kondrit if your student advancement organization would like to learn more.

Now seeking District 5 students to fill new District Cabinet Positions!

Beginning November 1, district representatives will begin appointing one student from each state within the district for a District Cabinet term position. This is an excellent leadership opportunity for students interested in helping to promote student advancement within their district. It's also a great opportunity for students interested in exploring a career in advancement. Students must be active members of their student advancement organization to be considered. To learn more, download an application. (The deadline to be considered for the inaugural district cabinet is October 10.)

CASE ASAP 2017 District Awards

Application deadline is December 2, 2016. The online application is now available.


District 5 Organization Spotlight
Buckeye Pen Pals program
The Ohio State University Student-Alumni Council signing up students to participate in the Buckeye Pen Pals program.

Last spring semester, the Student-Alumni Council at The Ohio State University piloted  the Buckeye Pen Pals program. This program matches a student and alumnus with similar career or personal interests as pen pals to build a relationship by e-mail or written letters.

Looking for programming ideas for your student advancement organization? Visit our shared sample collection to learn how to implement CASE ASAP award-winning programming. (Students may request a special student login to access the collection by contacting the member support center.)

Sample Collection_Student Advancement Samples

CASE shares student advancement program samples:

  • Mission statements
  • Constitutions and bylaws
  • Program profiles
  • Programming ideas

Check out the sample collection