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Preconference Workshop

 A Solid Start for Newcomers to Advancement


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Thursday, Oct. 12

New to community college advancement? Looking for a fresh start?

Plan on arriving in Anaheim early to attend a special preconference workshop designed for newcomers-those who have started their community college advancement career in the past two years. Learn the essentials about key aspects of advancement and gain the skills needed to make for a stronger team and more success in the years ahead. A Solid Start for Newcomers to Advancement

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7:30-8:00 AM
Continental Breakfast

There's No Pool On the Roof: Adult Swim for Advancement Newcomers
This will be a fun and interactive how-to style session featuring a panel of past and present CASE Commissioners who will offer candid advice for those who are new to our industry. It will be one of several sessions for conference newcomers on the first day to meet their fellow first attendees while allowing for networking for the duration of the conference. All conversations will follow an "If I knew then..." format. Topics of discussion will include three proven alumni, advancement and foundation/AF tips to implement immediately.

Doug Ferguson, Director, Alumni Programs, Delaware County Community College; Lisa Skari, Vice President of Institutional Advancement/Executive Director of Foundation, Highline College; and Lisa Vasquez, Vice President of Advancement, Collin College

Elective Sessions (choose one)

  • How to Begin a Community College Alumni Program
    Review the process Northwestern Michigan College used to build an alumni relations program from the ground up. From securing initial funding and gathering data, including thousands of paper records, to engaging alumni at career networking events, the NMC director of alumni relations will share successes, challenges, opportunities, and lessons learned that you can apply to your new program.

    Betsy Coffia, Director of Alumni Relations; and Rebecca Teahen, Executive Director, NMC Foundation

  • I'm New Here, Now What?
    Whether you're new to the job or new to the college, the first 12 months are critical to success. Learn the 10 things you must do, and the six mistakes to avoid on your way to the top. How do you become an effective change agent while negotiating a new institutional culture that can seem like a through-the-looking-glass experience? Let's increase the chances that your first year will be a fabulous honeymoon rather than a gut-churning experience in buyer's remorse.

    Steve Klingaman, Principal, Fundraising Strategies

  • Plan? What Plan? How to Develop a Fundraising Plan
    Whether you're new to your role or have been in the driver's seat for a while, you and your fundraising program will benefit from a fundraising plan. Guaranteed. It should be deliberate, formalized and committed to by all who play a role in its success. This session will provide the tools to develop your plan as a "living" document, including a discussion of metrics to monitor. The plan's role will be discussed in the context of experience at the Northwest Iowa Community College Foundation, a 2016 CASE Fundraising Award recipient.

    William Craft, Partner, Eaton Cummings Group; Kathleen Guy, Partner, Eaton Cummings Group; and Jan Snyder, Vice President, Institutional Advancement and External Affairs, Northwest Iowa Community College

It's All About Progress, Not Perfection
Whether or not you believe in the 40-hour work week or you tend to be a workaholic, we all need to find our balance and keep our two worlds in alignment. This session isn't the gospel—but it will give you something to think about as you consider your new "life" working in development.

Kris McPeak, Director of Operations, Pasadena City College

Workshop Adjourns

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