Community College Executive Symposium


CCES PullquoteCommunity colleges—and the people who lead them—have always had unique needs and challenges. This special program is designed specifically to help community college executives turn those challenges into opportunities. This one-day workshop offers expert advice and ideas for building a more effective advancement operation with specific focus on:

  • Investing in advancement,

  • Developing a culture of advancement,

  • The strategic role of grant offices in community colleges,

  • Building a relationship of trust with the head of your foundation, and

  • Successful advancement transitions for new and retiring community college presidents.

As this symposium is exclusively for campus executives, it will afford you an opportunity for open, candid conversations with your peers.

This program runs concurrently with the Conference for Community College Advancement. Presidents can register just for the symposium. However, if a president registers for the entire conference, then he/she has the option to attend the symposium on the second day of the conference in lieu of the general conference programming.

Sponsors Host
Blackbaud Foundation for California Community Colleges Network of California Community College Foundations

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