From the Chair

Thank you for joining us in San Diego!

I have yet to meet a community college advancement professional who has adequate resources to do the herculean job demanded of him or her.


We need to keep making the case for investing in advancement—be it marketing, alumni relations, public relations or fundraising—and we owe it to our institutions and ourselves to make the most of what we have.


See you next year in Sacramento!


Al Moran
Al Moran, Chair 2013
Vice President of Marketing and Communications
Cuyahoga Community College




See you in Sacramento!

The 2014 Conference for Community College Advancement, to be held in Sacramento, CA, Sept. 17-19.



Join Us Again In March!

Join us in March for a virtual conference on Community College Alumni Relations.


This groundbreaking initiative will offer practical ideas to build your alumni relations efforts. The virtual format will include multiple opportunities for you to engage with presenters and other conference participants.


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