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The Mindful Development Officer
CURRENTS Article Veteran advancement officer Deb Taft offer tips for reaching out to diverse alumni and volunteers and ensuring they're involved in meaningful ways.

Inside Moves
CURRENTS Article This article looks at the way communications and marketing offices are changing how they work and realigning their staff in light of technological advances, the increased use of mobile communications and social media, the strategic importance of online communications and marketing, and how these changes have affected campus relationships, such as the role of admissions marketing.

Odds and Ends: Orchestrating Change
CURRENTS Article In this interview, conductor and author Roger Nierenberg talks to CURRENTS about his work helping organizations better understand leadership and collaboration by observing and interacting with a working orchestra, what society loses when music education is eliminated, and why music is not relaxing.

Uncertain Times
CURRENTS Article Institutions of higher education are under increasing financial and competitive pressure, and this trend will push advancement to the forefront on campuses around the globe. This book excerpt addresses how these changes will affect what you do, and how you do it.

AdvanceWork: Staying Power
CURRENTS Article Booz Allen Hamilton asked a panel of scholars to identify the 10 “Most Enduring Institutions” of the past century using these criteria: innovative capabilities, governance and leadership, information flow, culture and values, adaptive response, risk structure, and legitimacy. This article discusses how the list was assembled and why Oxford University and Dartmouth College made the cut.

Turbulence at Ground Level
CURRENTS Article As higher education institutions close and consolidate at unprecedented rates, advancement officers can play a vital role in assessing their institutions’ vulnerabilities. The authors present six warning signs and corresponding recovery strategies, with special attention to how advancement officers can help. This article is of interest to managers of development, alumni relations, and communications programs, as well as campus CEOs.

Closing Remarks: Passing Fads
CURRENTS Article Colleges and universities certainly resemble businesses in some ways, but the differences between them are profound. Unfortunately, the more they model themselves on business, the more likely business solutions are prescribed for their problems. Many recent management fads have surfaced over the past 30 years, and all of them have failed on campus. Here are 10 tips to help you reap the benefits of fads without withering from their potential costs.

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