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Principles of Practice for Communications and Marketing Professionals at Educational Institutions
These principles were adopted by the CASE Board of Trustees in July 2015.

Management Checklist for Communications and Marketing
The CASE Management Checklist for Communications and Marketing was created in 2007 by the CASE Commission on Communications and Marketing and modeled after a development checklist created by the Commission on Philanthropy. It is intended to help managers conduct internal self-assessments of information and programs and is not intended for use by external regulators or auditors. The checklist may be useful to both new and experienced managers as they assess their programs and may also be helpful in staff training and orientation. The checklist is intended to be inclusive but not exhaustive, and not all items may apply to every institution.

CASE Nordic Summit 2018
Conference Now in its fifth year, the CASE Nordic Summit is an intensive two-day programme providing professional development for individuals working in educational fundraising, alumni relations, corporate relations, marketing and communications. This two-day programme will help you better understand your role in the wider context, acquire the skills needed to cultivate your career, and build a supportive network in the sector. This conference is the best place to be to network, discuss and learn with colleagues from the Nordic region and beyond.

Institute for Senior Communications and Marketing Professionals
Conference This annual program will engage you in peer-to-peer discussion about the big picture issues in management, technology and politics at your institution. Hear from top-rated speakers who are setting the standards in educational marketing and communications.

Communications and Reputation Management in HE
Conference Join us at the Communications and Reputation Management in HE conference for a chance to network with your fellow Directors and Heads of Communications, External Relations and Brand to discuss the reality of delivering innovative and impactful comms today.

Conference This annual meeting of senior-level higher education advancement professionals offers a unique chance to come together to engage in meaningful discussion about the issues affecting the future of advancement. The Summit provides access to the insider perspectives on such timely topics as public perception of higher education, internationalization and leadership. These experts will share their vision of the future and offer insight for untangling the challenges now facing our institutions.

Conference APAC is the annual signature event in Asia-Pacific for advancement professionals from educational institutions working in alumni relations, fundraising, marketing and communications.

The DRIVE/ Conference
Conference DRIVE/ is the preeminent event for professionals who are determined to be subject matter experts in the fields of data, reporting, information, analytics, modeling, visualization and beyond.

The Art of Working Strategically
CURRENTS Article From 2012 to 2016, Reggie Bustinza and Joe Volin were tasked with tracking engagement for the nearly 37,000 alumni at Lewis University in Illinois. They got big results, and their system continues to live on after their time at the institution. Here they share their secrets for taking alumni metrics to the next level.

Leadership in Development
Conference Join your peers to explore best practice in management designed for development professionals with management responsibilities. Get a better understanding of your competencies as a leader and manager, hone mission-critical skills and gain new strategies that will work in your advancement shop.

When Less is More: A Lesson for Marketers
Advancement Weekly Article When marketing your institution or campaign, it’s tempting to cast a wide net with emails, phone calls and social media posts.

Findings from the 2015 CASE Educational Communications and Marketing Trends Survey
White Paper The second, biennial survey of C&M trends benchmarks the investments and staffing in communications and marketing at independent schools, colleges and universities around the world. This white paper reports on the study's results, gathered in 2015 from 458 responses, by institution type and public/private status, enrollment size and geographic region. It also reports on the strategies and tactics used across key audiences, as well as key findings on C&M management and structures, budgetary support and the challenges and opportunities faced by C&M professionals.

Let Go to Let It Grow
CURRENTS Article How long will your university’s brand endure? Will it thrive and produce value long after a leadership transition? Or will it disintegrate during a crisis? Are higher education marketers doing enough of the painstaking foundational work to ensure that their institutional brand will not only survive but thrive? At the University of Arizona, we asked ourselves these questions as we entered the second phase of the university’s first brand strategy: weaving the brand into the fabric of the institution to produce long-term value. Our answers led us to an approach designed to build a brand that will last.

Time for a Buzzword Diet
CURRENTS Article Every industry has its jargon. Advancement professionals are known offenders, using not only the words listed above but also many more. Leverage and impact, anyone? To help decrease the jargon in your office, the Kentucky-based creative agency Cornett has gone super-meta with the Marketing Buzzword Jar—a playful creation designed to make professionals think about the language they use.

North American Fundraising & Alumni Relations Study Tour 2018
Conference CASE Europe is pleased to announce an extension to the North American Fundraising & Alumni Relations Study Tour 2018, spanning a week, visiting universities in Boston.

Working with Volunteers 2018
Conference Whether you have recently established a volunteering programme, are considering piloting some initial volunteering projects or are involved in running a more established volunteering programme, this one-and-a-half day conference will address your key volunteering challenges.

Social Media and Community Conference 2018
Conference Developed by leading practitioners, the CASE Social Media and Community Conference 2018 will allow you to immerse yourself in the latest developments in social media, offering real-world, ready to implement tactics for communications and engagement. This conference is designed for newcomers to the advancement profession and professionals with mid and senior-level responsibility.

Outlook: Meet Your New Marketing Team: The Faculty
CURRENTS Article Faculty are essential to your institution's marketing efforts. They are on the front lines delivering the school's mission, interacting with students, and, particularly in the case of independent schools, having conversations with parents and demonstrating that the institution delivers on its promises. All of these daily interactions can increase positive word-of-mouth marketing of your institution.

Conference El Congreso CASE América Latina te ofrece la oportunidad de contar tu historia.

Congreso CASE América Latina 2018
Conference Congreso CASE América Latina 2018

Strategic Marketing Institute 2018
Conference The Strategic Marketing Institute is part of the educational programme offered by CASE for professionals working in university marketing, communications and related fields. The Institute offers three days of intense learning, networking opportunities and valuable advice designed to motivate, enthuse and inspire.

Office Space: Three Things Communicators Can Learn from Startups
CURRENTS Article Annabel Adams' startup experience benefited her as associate director of strategic communications for the School of Humanities at the University of California, Irvine. The fast-paced, results-driven culture she came from forced her to be resourceful, proactive, and bold. While the past 18 months haven't been as easy as she first imagined, she has learned to translate her experience in the startup world into communications strategies for higher education. Here are her top three tips.

Nonprofits Now Savvier at Content Marketing
Article,  BriefCASE Article Nonprofit organizations that have a documented strategic content marketing plan—and follow it—tend to have the most effective content marketing programs, according to a new report.

First Class
CURRENTS Article In 2015, CASE added the Platinum Categories to its Circle of Excellence awards to recognize the best-of-the-best practices in educational advancement publications, programs, and projects through a tournament-like competition in CASE's eight North American districts.

The New Rules of Content Marketing
Article,  BriefCASE Article Content marketing is here to stay, according to a cadre of experts and thought leaders interviewed in a recent documentary.

From Evolution to Revolution: Findings from the Inaugural CASE Educational Communications and Marketing Trends Survey
White Paper The inaugural C&M trends survey benchmarked investments and staffing in communications and marketing at independent schools, colleges and universities around the world. This white paper reports on the study’s results, gathered in 2013 from 318 responses, by institution type, enrollment size and geographic region. It also reports on the strategies and tactics used across audiences, as well as key findings on C&M management and structures, and the challenges and opportunities faced by C&M professionals.

Conference APAC is the annual signature event in Asia-Pacific for advancement professionals from educational institutions working in alumni relations, fundraising, marketing and communications.

Conference Summit17

Life in the Text Lane
CURRENTS Article The staircase lane markings at Utah Valley University's Student Life and Wellness Center help engage passersby and enhance the new recreation center's design through art and graphics.

CASE Europe Annual Conference 2018
Conference The CASE Europe Annual Conference is Europe's biggest gathering of advancement professionals across the fields of alumni relations, communications, development, fundraising, marketing and external relations.

CASE Europe Annual Conference 2017
Conference The CASE Europe Annual Conference is Europe's biggest gathering of advancement professionals across the fields of alumni relations, communications, development, fundraising, marketing and external relations.

CASE Europe Annual Conference 2016
Conference The CASE Europe Annual Conference is Europe's biggest gathering of advancement professionals across the fields of alumni relations, communications, development, fundraising, marketing and external relations.

CASE Europe Annual Conference 2018
Conference The CASE Europe Annual Conference is Europe's biggest gathering of advancement professionals across the fields of alumni relations, communications, development, fundraising, marketing and external relations.

By the Numbers: Meet MoMu
CURRENTS Article The University of Iowa's Mobile Museum, aka MoMu, debuted in April 2014 to bring the institution's research to people across the state.

Odds and Ends: Forget Amazing. Be Useful.
CURRENTS Article Jay Baer's latest book, Youtility, discusses marketing that customers want—"massively useful information, provided for free, that creates long-term trust and kinship." Give people the information they want and need, and they will reward you with their loyalty.

How to Integrate Digital Strategy into a Comprehensive Marketing Plan
Podcast Colgate University's Rachel Reuben shares examples of tactics. Also, she talks about project briefs and how they can be used to keep a plan on track to meet its goals.

Laughter Is the Best Marketing
CURRENTS Article Because advancement professionals are in the business of attracting people to their organizations, they should consider using humor as a communications and marketing tactic.

Outlook: What Would Yelp Reviews Reveal About Your Institution?
CURRENTS Article Successful entrepreneurs know that to increase profits you need to attract and retain customers. To appeal to and keep students, colleges and universities can no longer rest on their academic reputations and act as if they are doing students a favor by providing a rigorous education

Summit for Leaders in Advancement
Summit for Leaders in Advancement 2016 NYC

Report: More Nonprofits See Value in Content Marketing
Article,  BriefCASE Article New research indicates that nonprofit marketers are beginning to “understand the power” of content marketing to engage volunteers, donors and other constituents.

Round of Applause
CURRENTS Article Ten grand gold award winners of this year's CASE Circle of Excellence Awards are profiled here.

CASE Asia-Pacific Advancement Conference 2018
Conference A training program that offers delegate a comprehensive overview of institutional advancement.

Asia Pacific Advancement Conference 2015
Conference Asia Pacific Advancement Conference 2015

48th Annual CASE-NAIS Independent Schools Conference
Conference Raise your school's level of success. The CASE-NAIS Independent Schools Conference draws more than 1,000 advancement professionals from around the world in an effort to transform the future of advancement at independent schools.

Nonprofits Use Content Marketing but Lack Training, Knowledge of Tactic
Article,  BriefCASE Article A new survey reveals that while 92 percent of nonprofit professionals in North America use content marketing, only 26 percent believe they are using it effectively as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Get Your Marketing Campaign on the Right Track
Article,  Advancement Weekly Article Marketing managers should ask themselves several questions before planning their next campaign, says an entrepreneur.

The Coaster Is Clear
CURRENTS Article Colorado State University is experimenting with using drink coasters to communicate some of its key brand messages on campus and to the wider community. The university recently unveiled a set of nine coasters, which also double as postcards. They're being used for campus events, in some CSU dining halls, and by a handful of local restaurants.

CASE Releases First Survey on Communications and Marketing
Article,  BriefCASE Article Communications and marketing professionals are juggling a multitude of projects—print and digital publications, social media, mobile websites—with dwindling resources, but they’re upbeat about the future. That’s the general consensus of CASE’s first survey on communications and marketing trends.

Communication Revolution
CURRENTS Article This article highlights findings from CASE's first survey on communications and marketing trends, which was conducted in February and March 2013. The senior-most communications and marketing professionals at CASE member institutions responded to the survey, which is slated to be conducted every two years in order to track trends over time.

Showing the Value of Marketing and Communication
Article,  Advancement Weekly Article Marketing and communications professionals must prove their worth when working with academic and institutional leaders, says an advancement expert.

Revisit Marketing Basics before Revamping Approach
Article,  Advancement Weekly Article Before adopting the latest marketing tool or technique, communications and marketing leaders should consider whether their existing operations have untapped value, says a strategy consultant.

Odds and Ends: Talkin’ ’Bout Their Generations
CURRENTS Article Jane Buckingham, CEO of the market research and trend forecasting firm Trendera, discusses generational differences and how they relate to students belonging to Generations Y and V (her term for the latest generation because so much of their experience will happen virally). In this Q-and-A, Buckingham talks about marketing to these age groups, how institutions are doing communicating with them, and how to teach young people about using social media responsibly, among other issues.

CASE Advancement Conference in Middle East
Conference CASE Asia-Pacific is organizing its inaugural conference in Middle East.

Finding Metrics that Matter and Learning to Use Them
Article,  Community College News Article Many in the community college sector talk about “integrated marketing” but few understand what it means and how it can transform their institution’s operations, say a pair of practitioners at a Massachusetts community college.

Social Media and Marketing: What's in Store for 2012?
Article,  BriefCASE Article It's the end of 2011, which means it's time for predictions for the upcoming year. Marketing and social media experts foresee interesting developments for 2012, both for professionals and users.

United by Goals
CURRENTS Article This article looks at the importance of communications and marketing being an integral part of the integrated advancement team and the benefits that can result from such an arrangement.

Building Buzz
CURRENTS Article Walsh College's vice president and chief marketing and enrollment management officer, John Lichtenberg, discusses livening up the business schools branding efforts with a campaign that employs a simple yet accessible and attention-grabbing style in its TV, print, web, and other advertising as well as guerilla marketing tactics such as the Walsh College Yellow Suits, a band of actors who attend events and create a buzz factor around this Detroit-area business college.

Inside Moves
CURRENTS Article This article looks at the way communications and marketing offices are changing how they work and realigning their staff in light of technological advances, the increased use of mobile communications and social media, the strategic importance of online communications and marketing, and how these changes have affected campus relationships, such as the role of admissions marketing.

Marketers Must Think Smarter in Leaner Times
Article,  BriefCASE Article Marketers must rethink their strategies and adopt new approaches to meet the “unprecedented challenges” now facing educational institutions in England, says Tracey Lancaster, director of external relations at the University of Birmingham and presenter at a recent CASE Europe conference.

Study Shows Market Research Pays Off
Article,  BriefCASE Article Colleges and universities that invest in market research are more likely to deploy more communications and marketing tactics and report a positive impact as a result, according to a new report on marketing spending conducted by Lipman Hearne in partnership with CASE.

The Price of Competition
CURRENTS Article This article looks at the recently passed tuition changes to the U.K.'s higher education system, how the higher education marketplace may change as a result, and the role that marketing efforts may play under this new scheme.

Change Writ Large
CURRENTS Article Roosevelt University came up with several creative marketing techniques to promote its new 32-story "vertical campus."

Marketing Doesn't Mean Compromising Institutional Values, Speaker Says
Article,  BriefCASE Article Academic institutions that tie their brands to their history and speak in an authentic voice can stay true to their values as they market themselves, said John Fahy, a professor of marketing at the University of Limerick and speaker at the 2010 CASE Europe Annual Conference held recently in Glasgow.

Marketing Spending at Colleges and Universities 2010
White Paper This white paper reports the 2010 results of a recurring survey on trends in communications and marketing spending at colleges and universities. Conducted by Lipman Hearne in collaboration with CASE, the paper looks at the percentage of the communications and marketing budget spent on various tactics, the perceived effectiveness of tactics, trends in spending, and the impact of the economic downturn on the investment in institutional communications and marketing.

A Snapshot of K-12 Marketing Spending
Report This one-page snapshot reports the results of a 2010 survey of communications and marketing spending by independent schools. The survey of 74 institutions was conducted by Lipman Hearne in collaboration with CASE.

PR, Marketing Claim Ownership of Social Media
Article,  BriefCASE Article A new survey reveals that growth in the use of social media is driving a move toward integrating public relations and marketing functions but that “turf battles” between the two still exist.

Acting Their Age
CURRENTS Article Adult students are becoming a target audience for many institutions. But reaching them can be difficult---they have different goals and different reasons why they are going back to school. Find out how your institution can target its communications to this untraditional cohort.

La comunicación es de Marte, las admisiones son de Venus
CURRENTS Article A pesar de que ambas divisiones trabajan para alcanzar el mismo objetivo, parecerían estar a varios sistemas solares de distancia.

Communications Is from Mars, Admissions Is from Venus
CURRENTS Article Communications and admissions marketing both work toward bettering the institution, though they go about it in completely different ways. Can the two departments collaborate better to integrate these two areas?

Office Space: Inside the Box
CURRENTS Article Why are we always asked to think outside the box, when sometimes we need guidelines to help along the process?

UK Universities Marketing Forum
The Universities’ Marketing Forum is a voluntary association of University Directors of UK Marketing and Recruitment. The Executive Director of CASE Europe acts as Secretary to this committee.

Institutions Receive Strategies to Move Beyond Tough Economy to Market Success
Article,  BriefCASE Article A perfect storm is brewing in higher education, and savvy colleges and universities are exploring non-traditional ways to cut costs, expand their market and stand out from others.

The Changes within Higher Education Marketing with Rae Goldsmith
Podcast In this June 25, 2009 HB Voices podcast, CASE Vice President for Advancement Resources Rae Goldsmith talks about innovative communications, marketing and fundraising strategies for universities when facing a struggling economy. The podcast is available free through iTunes.

Advance Work: A College of Pill Pushers
CURRENTS Article An innovative viral marketing campaign attempts to alter the public's perception about colleges in Ontario.

Transforming the Template
CURRENTS Article Integrated marketing is becoming the norm in institutional communications offices. Because of this shift, many colleges and universities are bringing in corporate communicators who have experience in building a brand.

Advance Work: E-Marketing Goes Mainstream
CURRENTS Article A 2006 survey looked at how colleges and universities are using e-marketing.

Watch Your Step
CURRENTS Article Marketing missteps are bound to happen along the way, but good communications departments learn from their mistakes. Take a lesson from these top five marketing mistakes and turn shortcomings into successes.

Individual Public Relations and Community Relations Projects: University of Washington, Tacoma - Gold Medal
Best Practice In April 2005, the governor signed legislation making the University of Washington, Tacoma, a four-year school. Advancement staff had only 18 months until the first day of class and about five months until prime application season. High schoolers didn't know they could enter as freshmen, and other institutions had been communicating with potential students for a year or longer. UW Tacoma's objective was to create a marketing program to fill 140 seats with qualified freshmen for fall 2006, while establishing a brand that emphasized its strengths and minimized its weaknesses.

Message Mavens
CURRENTS Article Based on insight from admissions deans, this article offers a preview of tomorrow’s students, alumni, and donors, based on applicants’ essays, e-mails, and interviews. Some of their insights bear out Millennial trends--a generation of kids who like and admire their parents and see them as very much a part of their undergraduate lives, as well as a service-minded streak. But another picture emerges of this up-and-coming generation. It is a picture of a “message savvy” generation that would make branding gurus proud. This article gives an overview of students today and explores the traits that make the current crop of prospective students a message-savvy group who market themselves and their ideas.

Treading Lightly
CURRENTS Article Professional schools grapple with unique marketing and branding issues. Balancing what are often perceived as the competing interests of the central institution’s need for control of marketing efforts to build institutional brand, with the perceived need for marketing autonomy among often powerful professional schools is perhaps one of the biggest challenges. However, if effectively positioned and leveraged, professional schools can be powerful symbols of institutional quality and value. This article explores these and other challenges and opportunities, examines the trends shaping the professional school marketing environment, and offers communications professionals tips for balancing these issues.

Let's Give Them Something to Talk About
CURRENTS Article Buzz marketing--intentionally influencing and amplifying word-of-mouth--can help campuses bypass the overload of media and advertising messages assaulting the public. Two approaches to creating buzz are (1) to make your constituents so happy that they take it upon themselves to spread your message, or (2) to identify good stories and then find and cultivate good storytellers.

Cream of the Crop
CURRENTS Article This article profiles a few of CASE's 2005 Circle of Excellence award winners in the fields of fund-rasing, special events, campaigns, marketing, alumni programs, stewardship, and advancement services operations.

A New Breed
CURRENTS Article This article examines the complex and often convoluted relationships between admissions and advancement. It describes how marketing is the place where all areas of advancement find common ground and how, for a long time, marketing had its place within the distinct silos in admissions and advancement. Now, however, institutions are developing more comprehensive structures that combine recruitment and advancement in the interest of adopting a true integrated marketing mindset.

AdvanceWork: Message-Driven Marketing
CURRENTS Article When the State University of New York system wanted to spread the word that New York is a great place to live, work, and learn, it teamed with the New York State Thruway Authority to conceive an innovative marketing program that could potentially reach more than 20 million motorists a year. Together, the groups developed information kiosks that promote SUNY’s 64 campuses statewide. The kiosks will be installed in all 27 Thruway travel plazas by the end of next year.

A Makeover Story
CURRENTS Article In this article, the second of a pair about strategic communications, the author candidly describes the transformation of her career as a communications professional. She starts by recounting the entry of the word “strategic” into the higher education lexicon and then chronicles how embracing the word has shaped her career.

Winners at Heart
CURRENTS Article Profiles of 12 winners of CASE’s 2004 Circle of Excellence awards. The winning alumni relations programs offered creative ways to generate revenue, use technology, or support a campus cause. In the development categories, campuses showed how to use flash e-mail annual giving solicitations and speech-writing students to attract donors. Communications winners relied on humor, creativity, and unconventional publications. And top advancement services shops highlighted the importance of identifying top campus prospects, working as a team, and maintaining accurate data.

A Clearer Picture
CURRENTS Article An in-depth look at the the University of New Brunswick's efforts to develop an integrated marketing program for its two campuses. The author describes the four-phase process she and her colleagues used to create recognition and awareness of the university and develop a consistent and focused brand, including conducting an informal communications audit, assembling cross-campus committees, conducting market research and focus group testing, and benchmarking.

AdvanceWork: Help from Hoaxes
CURRENTS Article Advertisers and marketers can learn a lot from urban legends, writes Chip Heath in the Winter 2003 "Stanford Social Innovation Review." He identifies six elements that make tall tales memorable and describes advertising campaigns that successfully used these characteristics to promote their messages.

Top Product Picks
CURRENTS Article To improve alumni merchandising programs, today’s alumni officers are redistributing marketing, order-processing, and fulfillment duties among their staffs, campus bookstores, and—to an increasing degree—third-party vendors. But one thing remains true: Distinctive products with a compelling campus tie are the top sellers and one small way to cement connections with graduates.

AdvanceWork: Mistake-Free Multiculturalism
CURRENTS Article Avoiding faux pas when marketing to diverse audiences

AdvanceWork: Drive Home Your Commuter Campus' Strengths
CURRENTS Article How to stand out in a crowded marketplace

Jack of All Trades
CURRENTS Article The success of your transition will rest on your ability to educate yourself and others about what marketing is and how it can work with public relations to benefit your institution. With education and persistence, people from traditional PR backgrounds can be well-positioned to lead the marketing discussion.

AdvanceWork: To Market, to Market
CURRENTS Article Was 2000 the "Year of Integrated Marketing"?

Closing Remarks: A Bicycle Built for Two?
CURRENTS Article Strategic planners can learn from Integrated Marketing, but first we have to define our terms.

Piece by Piece
CURRENTS Article Madden makes the case for integrated marketing, with the goal of building lifelong relationships between the institution and individual constituents. At many institutions, marketing efforts are fragmented among separate campus offices. Madden suggests various structures for organizing campus marketing programs, describes conditions that support change, lists possible sources of funds for collaborative efforts, and suggests opportunities for cooperation. Finally, he notes new trends in educational marketing.

AdvanceWork: Sinking Your Teeth into Marketing
CURRENTS Article Marketing professionals at North Carolina State University have launched a campaign educating politicians, the press, and citizens about the importance of agriculture to the state’s economy and about the university’s agricultural programs and research.

Vision of the Future
CURRENTS Article A participatory strategic planning process can enable an institution to start moving its integrated marketing efforts out of the communications arena and into the entire institution. The article describes nine steps: 1) State program objectives. 2) Select participants and leaders. 3) Compile background information. 4) Select task force topics. 5) Set up a Web site. 6) Train task force facilitators. 7) Plan a kickoff event. 8) Create the final report. 9) Implement the best ideas.

Closing Remarks: Out with the Old, In with the New
CURRENTS Article Williams proposes that it is time for institutions to abandon strategic planning and embrace the marketing movement. He maintains that campus strategic planning efforts have become ineffective because of fear of hard decisions, passive-aggressive behavior at the institutional level, fuzzy goals, and unrealistic objectives. By contrast, a marketing approach is integrative, grounded in reality, and constituency-oriented. It relies on surveys and perceptions, produces progress that is easy to measure, and pays attention to relationships.

Closing Remarks: Acceptance Letter™
CURRENTS Article In a satire, Keiger suggests what might happen if a campus goes to an extreme with commercial endorsements and marketing incentives.

Marketing Across the Board
CURRENTS Article An integrated marketing program that coordinates student recruitment, public relations, and resource development throughout campus can help an institution increase applications, build stronger constituent relationships, and raise overall visibility. To initiate such a program, follow these eight steps: 1) Find a "cheerleader" who is willing to lead the effort. 2) Get the president's attention. 3) Establish an all-campus, three-tier system consisting of an advisory board, a management committee, and action groups. 4) Define quality by identifying the niche your institution serves. 5) Develop a marketing blueprint that can be continuously improved. 6) Sell the program on campus. 7) Embrace creative budgeting. 8) Structure the communications office in a way similar to that of a PR or ad agency.

Need Visibility? Get Integrated
CURRENTS Article Campus communicators are natural leaders for integrated marketing programs. Here's why—and how to pull it off

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