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Thinking Outside the Database
Article Making the right case for social media investment in campaigns can open doors for fundraising and communications, say two webinar presenters.

Nonprofits Need to Improve Online Giving Experience for Greater Growth
Article A recently released study on online giving indicates that “millions—if not billions—of dollars are being left on the table” due to missteps by nonprofits.

Successful Social Media Fundraising: Still in Its Infancy, But No Longer Out of Reach
Article Once dismissed as ineffective, fundraising on social media is gaining new attention in light of new research—and that is leading to creative programs and increased collaboration in advancement offices.

Online Giving to Nonprofits Increases in 2012, Says New Study
Article A new study reports that online giving to nonprofits increased 21 percent in 2012 over 2011 totals.

White Paper: Social Media an Integral Component of Effective Fundraising
Article While social media can’t replace face-to-face fundraising and donor relationship management, it can be a valuable communication channel—one that is interactive, sometimes viral and convenient.

Branded Giving Webpages Outperform Third-Party Pages
Article Nonprofit organizations with branded donation pages within their website garnered seven times more money on average than those that accepted donations through a third-party website, according to a quarterly report of online giving.

Twitter Chat Participants Discuss Social Media and Fundraising
Article Creative campaign sites, donor thank-you videos and “crowdfunding” initiatives are just some of the ways in which institutional fundraisers are using online tools.

Survey Shows Direct Mail Still Generates the Most Donations
Article A recent study reports that donors who give to international groups prefer these charities to contact them via email over mailed letters. Direct mail, however, still generates the most donations.

Report: Nonprofits Achieving Success with Social Media
Article Social networking continues to grow in importance for nonprofits with Facebook and Twitter extending their dominance among this group, according to a new social networking benchmark report.

Online Giving Grows Steadily for U.S. Nonprofits
Article While one-time gifts continue to be the largest source of revenue for nonprofits, monthly giving via online channels is growing steadily. That’s according to an annual study analyzing online messaging, fundraising, advocacy, social media and mobile metrics for nonprofits.

New Best Practices in Prospect Research
Article If done effectively, prospect research has the potential to substantially improve the fundraising efforts of higher education institutions. A new report, based on an analysis of survey data from a cross-section of institutions in the United States, identifies 10 of the best practices used by high-performing fundraising programs.

Study Finds Racial, Generational Differences in Online Cause Engagement
Article African-Americans and Hispanics are significantly more likely than Caucasians to believe that they can help support a cause or social issue through online social networks. And while younger Americans are also more likely to use social media to support causes, more than 40 percent still get information about causes through family, friends and television.

Multichannel Donor Marketing: "No More Talk; Let's Make it Happen!"
Article Donors don't just read email and answer phone calls; they have access to and are influenced by a wide range of media. Reaching out to donors using multiple channels not only makes sense but also has the potential for greater sustained outreach and gift-giving, according to nonprofit marketing experts.

CASE Europe Welcomes UK Government Call for Increased Giving
Article CASE Europe welcomed the UK government’s call for increased levels of giving and mutual support through its “Green Paper on Giving” but expressed concern over its emphasis on technology as a tactic to achieve social action and greater giving.

Internet Use Encourages Offline Participation
Article Internet users may once have been stereotyped as antisocial basement-dwellers, but a recent study has shown that the opposite is now true: Pew's Internet and American Life project found that three-quarters of all U.S. adults are active in some kind of voluntary group or organization, and Internet users are more likely than others to be active.

Small Donations on Social Networks Add Up
Article Social network giving platforms are less successful than charity websites or online giving portals, according to a new study, but that doesn’t mean they’re less important.

Fundraising One of Top Reasons for Nonprofits' Online Presence
Article Marketing is still the primary reason most nonprofits have a presence on social networks although fundraising is gaining in popularity, according to an annual survey.

Translating Online Engagement into Giving
Article Cross-platform tactics, localized messages and constant testing and tracking are among the most effective strategies for building online engagement that translates into online giving.

CASE Survey Report: Online Fundraising Promising, but Yield Still Modest
Article A recently completed CASE survey reveals that institutions see tremendous possibilities in online fundraising, but online gifts still account for less than 1.5 percent of total philanthropic support for education.

"Satisfied" Web Site Visitors More Likely to Donate, Volunteer
Article Nonprofits have plenty of room for improvement when it comes to their Web sites.

Power of Online Fundraising Underused
Article Despite the cost-effectiveness of the Internet, it remains an underused fundraising tool among charities, according to a new report from U.K.-based nfpSynergy.


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