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26th Annual Conference for Institutionally Related Foundations
Conference This annual meeting of foundation CEOs, CFOs, COOs, counsels and other senior professionals provides a forum to learn about the critical and emerging issues affecting institutionally related foundations. In-depth presentations by senior professionals set the stage for smaller elective sessions.

CASE Statements on Compensation for Fundraising Performance
In 1991, CASE's Commission on Educational Fundraising (now the Commission on Philanthropy) released a statement on commission-based compensation for fundraisers. That statement was reaffirmed in 2005. In 2010, the Commission approved an additional statement on supplemental compensation (often described as a bonus). This page presents in one place all of CASE's statements on compensation for fundraising.

Principles of Practice for Fundraising Professionals at Educational Institutions
These principles were approved by the CASE Board of Trustees in November 2005.

Management Checklist for Development
The CASE Management Checklist for Development, created in 2005 and revised in 2013 by the CASE Commission on Philanthropy, is intended to help development managers conduct internal self-assessments of information and programs. It is not intended for use by external regulators or auditors. The checklist may be useful to both new and experienced managers as they assess their programs and may also be helpful in staff training and orientation. It is intended to be inclusive but not exhaustive, and not all items may apply to every institution. CASE also provides a Management Checklist for Institutionally Related Foundations and another for Stewardship Programs.

Donor Bill of Rights
The Donor Bill of Rights was developed by the American Association of Fund-Raising Counsel (AAFRC), Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP), Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), and the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), and adopted in November 1993. It is a key document for fundraisers, advancement services professionals, and related disciplines.

Asking Workshop 2018
Conference The Asking Workshop is a combination of theory and interactive role-plays that will leave you feeling confident and equipped to successfully 'make the ask' as part of your fundraising strategy. This workshop is specifically designed for those in a junior fundraising role.

CASE Nordic Summit 2018
Conference Now in its fifth year, the CASE Nordic Summit is an intensive two-day programme providing professional development for individuals working in educational fundraising, alumni relations, corporate relations, marketing and communications. This two-day programme will help you better understand your role in the wider context, acquire the skills needed to cultivate your career, and build a supportive network in the sector. This conference is the best place to be to network, discuss and learn with colleagues from the Nordic region and beyond.

Strategic Fundraising for Leaders in Higher Education 2018
Conference Strategic Fundraising for Leaders in Higher Education is specifically designed for vice-chancellors and senior leaders in universities, particularly those who are considering scaling up their fundraising function, looking at when to invest or seeking to ensure continuous, sustainable growth. The conference will combine a variety of panel debates, plenary sessions and smaller, practical workshop sessions to create an engaging and insightful day.

Aspire: Small Teams, Big Impact
Conference In response to the growing needs of our community, CASE Europe have created a brand new conference specifically aimed at professionals operating within small teams and with small budgets. We aim to bring together individuals working in schools, ‘emerging' universities, charities and arts and cultural bodies to share their tips and tricks for making the most of very limited resources.

Political Affairs in Higher Education Forum 2018
Conference Political Affairs in Higher Education Forum 2018 provides a unique opportunity for policy and public affairs professionals working in higher education to discuss the most relevant issues currently facing the sector, and to gain insight about how universities and academics can play a meaningful role in shaping policy and influencing legislation.

Communications and Reputation Management in HE
Conference Join us at the Communications and Reputation Management in HE conference for a chance to network with your fellow Directors and Heads of Communications, External Relations and Brand to discuss the reality of delivering innovative and impactful comms today.

Canada Fundraising for Leadership Study Tour 2018 – Study Tour of Canadian Universities
Conference A five day study tour designed for vice-chancellors and senior leaders to see development best practice first-hand. This tried-and-tested programme will deliver helpful insight, analysis, clarity and discussion for institutional leaders who wish to strengthen their understanding of philanthropic fundraising. This is a high level and small-scale opportunity, aimed at Vice-Chancellors and Pro-Vice-Chancellors whose portfolio includes Development/Advancement.

Conference This annual meeting of senior-level higher education advancement professionals offers a unique chance to come together to engage in meaningful discussion about the issues affecting the future of advancement. The Summit provides access to the insider perspectives on such timely topics as public perception of higher education, internationalization and leadership. These experts will share their vision of the future and offer insight for untangling the challenges now facing our institutions.

Spring Institute in Educational Fundraising 2018
Conference The Spring Institute in Educational Fundraising 2018 is a residential course for early career fundraising professionals and those new to the education sector. Delivered through a variety of plenary, interactive tutorial and elective sessions, you will return to work with a clear sense of what your job entails and a network of supportive contacts to help you deliver your objectives. Over the course of the week you can choose from up to 50 elective sessions. These interactive, open discussions will enable you to tailor the course to your specific needs by selecting the sessions relevant to you and your institution.

Conference APAC is the annual signature event in Asia-Pacific for advancement professionals from educational institutions working in alumni relations, fundraising, marketing and communications.

The DRIVE/ Conference
Conference DRIVE/ is the preeminent event for professionals who are determined to be subject matter experts in the fields of data, reporting, information, analytics, modeling, visualization and beyond.

How Do You Turn a Car Into a Chair?
CURRENTS Article An anonymous alumnus of the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology auctioned off his 2015 McLaren P1—one of the world's fastest cars, which can reach speeds of 200 mph—for $2.39 million, a world-record for that model.

LGBT Engagement and Fundraising Strategies
Conference Learn strategies and that will serve, engage and increase giving from your Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender alumni and allies.

Winter Institute for Chief Development Officers
Conference Explore the most current issues facing advancement teams and discuss how best to adjust to new realities and increasing expectations for raising private dollars that transform institutions.

Development for Deans and Academic Leaders—Winter Session
Conference This program has become the required curriculum for deans, presidents, provosts and other academic leaders with fundraising responsibility. You will strengthen your partnership with your advancement officer and learn to engage with potential donors in productive, meaningful and authentic ways—ultimately leading to a new level of comfort and greater success with fundraising.

Advanced Development for Deans and Academic Leaders
Conference Expanding on the fundamentals presented in the Development for Deans and Academic Leaders conference, this conference digs deeper into the topics of greatest importance to academic leaders.

Planned Giving Primer
Conference This preconference workshop offers participants a refresher on all things development-including the life cycle of giving, cultivation, solicitation, stewardship and more.

Leadership in Development
Conference Join your peers to explore best practice in management designed for development professionals with management responsibilities. Get a better understanding of your competencies as a leader and manager, hone mission-critical skills and gain new strategies that will work in your advancement shop.

5 Ways Board Members Can Support Fundraising
CURRENTS Article "I'm happy to do anything, except ask for money." Work in educational advancement long enough, and you'll probably hear those words from a foundation or governing board member. For some volunteers, asking for financial gifts produces anxiety—and most people are already dealing with pressure in their life. The last thing they need is more stress from a volunteer job. Discomfort with asking can be a major stumbling block for fundraising success. But the ask is only one step in a larger creative process that's intentionally managed to attract donor investment. Reluctant board members can still help our cause, even if they're not making an ask. Here's how to play to their strengths.

Introduction to Personal Solicitation: Spring Session
Conference Introduction to Personal Solicitation: Spring Session

Conference for Newcomers in Development: Spring Session
Conference Designed for development professionals with fewer than two years of professional fundraising experience and newcomers to education development, this conference explores the fundamentals of fundraising in education, from the annual fund to major gifts, and lays the groundwork for your successful career in advancement.

Invest in Advancement
CURRENTS Article Here are two truisms: These are uncertain times. Fundraising is as important as ever. In Europe, the economic uncertainty surrounding Britain's exit from the European Union has advancement leaders worried. With budgets already tight—in the U.S., public funding for higher education is nearly $10 billion below pre-recession levels—advancement professionals may struggle to convince institutional leaders to invest in fundraising when additional worthy causes, including academic programs or student success initiatives, need funding. But when institutions let up on fundraising, they lose revenue. A recent analysis by Graham-Pelton Consulting found that individuals, foundations, and corporations did not stop giving during the 2008 recession—rather, nonprofits stopped asking. "Organizations that pulled back their fundraising activities ... reported the biggest declines in their income," the consultancy reports in its video on fundraising during uncertain economic times, Fundraising Through Brexit: What You Need to Know. Graham-Pelton's advice: "People don't stop giving, so don't stop asking."

Outlook: Don't Discount Diverse Donors
CURRENTS Article If you assess the philanthropic landscape today, you'd be challenged to find Latinos in major staff roles, on nonprofit boards, or as major donors. As a Latino and development officer for 32 years, I've observed a range of reasons nonprofits overlook Latino communities. The main one: Because our communities have struggled with poverty and have indeed been recipients of charity, the assumption that we cannot give prevails. This is simply not true, and most people outside of Latino communities don't realize our propensity and capacity to give.

Why We Hung Up on the Telefund
CURRENTS Article In September 2016, Stanford University made a surprising decision: We eliminated our phone program for fundraising, the result of a dramatic rise in negative responses to our calling. In 2011, for every eight people who answered our calls and made gifts, only one said, "Never call me again." By 2015, the ratio was 3-to-1. From complaints in our general inbox to offhand comments in meetings with alumni, we knew that our calls were alienating prospective donors—and that we were compromising tomorrow's gifts with today's annoying asks.

Relationship Status
CURRENTS Article Turnover can be costly. When a donor’s key contact leaves—whether it’s the president or development officer—the donor’s relationship with the institution is disrupted. The result? Delayed or decreased giving. So how can you reduce the negative impact of presidential and gift officer turnover? By expanding the number of indi-viduals involved in donor-institution relationships and including people with greater tenure in those relationships.

Beware of Gifts That Eat
CURRENTS Article I can hardly believe that this year marks my 30th anniversary in the field of fundraising. Ever since I fell into a development job right out of college with my newly minted journalism degree, fundraising is pretty much the only thing I’ve done. When I haven’t been securing philanthropic gifts at work, I’ve been called into service at my church, the kids’ schools, and countless other worthwhile charitable endeavors. I guess I’m a one-trick pony in that regard. And I’ve loved every minute of it. Fundraising can also at times be heartbreaking, exasperating, counterintuitive, and consuming, but above all it’s gratifying. Between you and me, here’s some frank insight on less-discussed aspects of the profession.

Book [Club] Report—An Alumna’s View
CURRENTS Article CASE Online Communications Specialist Meredith Barnett has participated in her alma mater’s alumni-student book club for the past two years, leading discussions with incoming freshmen about the reading selections and talking with them about her own time as a student. Here’s her perspective on how books can spark connections.

Talking Shop: We’re All Ducks
CURRENTS Article Vu Le is the brains and comedic voice behind the Nonprofit with Balls blog. As an executive director of a nonprofit, Le often writes from the perspective of a grantee, producing no-nonsense articles such as “9 annoying nonprofit trends that need to die.” His Seattle-based organization, Rainier Valley Corps, trains people of color for nonprofit leadership positions, so he has lots to say about improving diversity.

Copy and Share Everything
CURRENTS Article Get inspired with these Circle of Excellence winners: Red River College finds success with its "Our Grads Get Hired" advertising campaign; University College London's Develpment and Alumni Relations Office initiates a unique and effective onboarding program; and Colgate University's video The Journey Begins helps garner alumni gifts.

Grand Gold Rush
CURRENTS Article Inspired design, storytelling, ingenuity, humor, and brevity were hallmarks of this year's CASE Circle of Excellence Awards Grand Gold winners, the highest prize bestowed by the program. Whether attracting international applicants with an ambitious contest, sharing advice through campus fun facts and pride points, demonstrating that campus quirks will garner attention and gifts, or redesigning a magazine in a way that makes class notes inviting and (gasp!) readable, institutions relied on research, knowledge, and creative skill to push boundaries and deliver inspired work—much of it produced in-house.

10 Reasons Why People Give (and 5 Reasons They Don't)
CURRENTS Article Generosity lights up the same part of your brain that responds to food and sex: Neuroscientists at the National Institutes of Health demonstrated this in a study using functional magnetic resonance imaging. When study participants acted equitably, they activated their brain's orbitofrontal cortex, which assesses rewards. Giving not only makes us feel good; it also makes us look good—and we're all concerned with what people think about us. Giving back can make you seem more responsible. Read on for additional reasons people give and to learn how research on generosity and behavioral economics can provide insights on how donors think.

CURRENTS Article Advice for when a colleague acts too casual and friendly with donors; how to be preapred for last-minute end-of-the-year gifts; and thougths on preparing Native American high school students for college.

North American Fundraising & Alumni Relations Study Tour 2018
Conference CASE Europe is pleased to announce an extension to the North American Fundraising & Alumni Relations Study Tour 2018, spanning a week, visiting universities in Boston.

Working with Volunteers 2018
Conference Whether you have recently established a volunteering programme, are considering piloting some initial volunteering projects or are involved in running a more established volunteering programme, this one-and-a-half day conference will address your key volunteering challenges.

Large Gifts Support Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Asia-Pacific
Article,  BriefCASE Article Recent gifts to Singapore and New Zealand universities will enhance business and entrepreneurship programs on campus, according to news reports.

Outlook: Hungry to Learn
CURRENTS Article A growing number of college students aren't bright-eyed, newly minted high school graduates. They're seasoned adults with greater financial responsibilities, including a family of their own. These older students are more likely to lead complex lives as parents and caregivers for elders. What do they need to persist toward their educational goals? Tuition, books, and supplies? Yes, plus affordable child care, low-cost apartment-style housing, and economical, nutritious food sources. Too many college students already face a choice between paying for rent or textbooks, food or tuition. To address hunger, some institutions, including Oregon State University, operate food pantries and assist students in applying for food stamps. Others offer food voucher programs and enable students to donate unused meal plan credits to others in need. How else should higher education respond to these challenges? Containing tuition costs certainly helps. Addressing the full cost of attendance—including expenses for housing, food, and dependent care—is critical.

To Bee or Not to Bee
CURRENTS Article Washington State University Provost Dan Bernardo wore a beard of about 12,000 live bees for nearly 20 minutes to raise awareness and funding for a new honeybee research center.

Social Media and Community Conference 2018
Conference Developed by leading practitioners, the CASE Social Media and Community Conference 2018 will allow you to immerse yourself in the latest developments in social media, offering real-world, ready to implement tactics for communications and engagement. This conference is designed for newcomers to the advancement profession and professionals with mid and senior-level responsibility.

Conference El Congreso CASE América Latina te ofrece la oportunidad de contar tu historia.

Congreso CASE América Latina 2018
Conference Congreso CASE América Latina 2018

What’s the Idea?
CURRENTS Article Wallace State Community College's Little Black Dress Charity Bash is an annual ladies-only event for dressing up, catching up, dining, and networking.

Community College Grant Development & Management Samples
Sample Collection The Library maintains this collection of community college grant development and management samples for all CASE members.

Community College Grants
Good Question Do you have any resources on best practices for community college grant development and management?

A Brief Introduction to the Science of Fundraising
White Paper How can the science of philanthropy inform day-to-day fundraising? This brief report explores the usefulness of looking to social science research to enhance fundraising strategies. Drawing on empirical studies it discusses several potential points of intersection between fundraising and research. Specifically, this paper proposes a “DIME” model to highlight three considerations when crafting fundraising campaigns: Donation Impact, Motivation and Effort.

A Gift for Ideas (and Ideas for Gifts)
CURRENTS Article Whether it's dangling from a precarious crevice atop one of the world's tallest mountains or pushing through mile 25 of a marathon, 69-year-old James Doti gets his best ideas off campus. Since Doti became president of California's Chapman University in 1991, the institution has risen to third in a U.S. News & World Report ranking of student selectivity, and its endowment has increased from $25 million to $300 million. As he prepares to retire in September 2016, CURRENTS asked for his secrets on fundraising, leadership, creativity, and having a little fun.

Giving to Excellence: Generating Philanthropic Support for UK Higher Education
White Paper The Ross-CASE Survey of Charitable Giving to Universities is an annual survey of gift revenue and fundraising costs carried out to measure the philanthropic performance of UK higher education institutions. It is the only source of data on this subject in the UK and enables institutions to benchmark with peers. It also provides an estimate of the overall impact of philanthropy on the higher education sector. In 2014-15, philanthropic income secured in new funds rose by 8 per cent to £860 million, while the number of donors increased by just 1.6 percent.

Outlook: Tackling Touchy Topics
CURRENTS Article For fundraisers, discussing touchy subjects is like mentioning politics at a family gathering: We are not there to debate but to foster positive feelings. We are told that when a donor raises a touchy topic we should not be drawn in—much less offer our own opinion—but listen respectfully and find a way to move on. But should "listen but don't engage" always be our default position? Should we not strive to understand what donors think, even if their worldview makes us uncomfortable? By inviting donors to clarify their views—and by responding with how we see the issue, through the ideals of our institution—we can deepen our awareness of each other's values and arrive at a common goal.

Summer Institute for Educational Fundraising Snapshot: Q&A with Chair Fritz Schroeder
Article,  BriefCASE Article While educational fundraising is experiencing growth, the profession also faces a big challenge: the constant demand for talented staff, says Fritz Schroeder, vice president of development and alumni relations at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Schroeder is the chair of the Summer Institute for Educational Fundraising, July 24-28, at Dartmouth in Hanover, New Hampshire.

White Paper: A Brief Introduction to the Science of Fundraising
Article,  BriefCASE Article A recently released white paper on the science of philanthropy explores the usefulness of looking to social science research to enhance fundraising strategies.

Fundraising During a Crisis
CURRENTS Article A controversial decision or scandal can cause donors and alumni to revolt and withhold gifts. Mix a volatile situation with social media chatter and emotionally attached alumni, and a reputational crisis can hit any institution. The key to keep a catastrophe from harming fundraising is to maintain donors' trust by knowing what, when, and how to communicate with them.

5 Tips for Successful Year-End Fundraising
CURRENTS Article Five tips for successful year-end fundraising

Making Giving Merry
CURRENTS Article A retired fundraiser turned bell-ringer shares life lessons on making friends and raising money

The 60 Smartest Things You’ll Ever Hear About Fundraising
CURRENTS Article You must bring tremendous energy and enthusiasm to work each day as you meet highly ambitious goals for yourself and the institution. Here's what Jerold Panas learned in 40-plus years of fundraising about donor motivation, characteristics of effective gift officers, timeless strategies for securing gifts, and leveraging trustee support.

Conference APAC is the annual signature event in Asia-Pacific for advancement professionals from educational institutions working in alumni relations, fundraising, marketing and communications.

Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun
CURRENTS Article The University of Southern Indiana's Halloween "Zombie Run" helps support student organizations within the Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education.

Conference Summit17

Branding the Building
CURRENTS Article Share the story, not the square footage, to raise funds for a new building.

CASE Europe Annual Conference 2018
Conference The CASE Europe Annual Conference is Europe's biggest gathering of advancement professionals across the fields of alumni relations, communications, development, fundraising, marketing and external relations.

CASE Europe Annual Conference 2017
Conference The CASE Europe Annual Conference is Europe's biggest gathering of advancement professionals across the fields of alumni relations, communications, development, fundraising, marketing and external relations.

CASE Europe Annual Conference 2016
Conference The CASE Europe Annual Conference is Europe's biggest gathering of advancement professionals across the fields of alumni relations, communications, development, fundraising, marketing and external relations.

CASE Europe Annual Conference 2018
Conference The CASE Europe Annual Conference is Europe's biggest gathering of advancement professionals across the fields of alumni relations, communications, development, fundraising, marketing and external relations.

Introduction to Fundraising and Alumni Relations 2018
Conference The Introduction to Fundraising and Alumni Relations 2018 is designed for new or junior fundraising and alumni relations practitioners in the education sector. It will be the best place to strengthen your advancement knowledge, and make connections with seasoned professionals and peers alike. You will take home essential and innovative ideas for your role within your institute.

President’s Perspective: Moving On, Moving Up
CURRENTS Article How Sue Cunningham's global journey prepared her to lead CASE

Build a Robust Fundraising Operation from the Ground Up
Article,  BriefCASE Article Leaders of institutions looking to build a culture of philanthropy from scratch must first invest in full-time fundraising professionals, says a CASE faculty member who recently presented at a university in Mexico.

Office Space: The Upside of Turnover
CURRENTS Article Turnover presents an opportunity to shake things up, reinvent the conversation about the college's philanthropic mission, and redefine engagement options for your alumni and donors.

Game Plan
CURRENTS Article Your alumni are begging for something fun that will grab their attention. Let's look at ways your university can dust the stuffiness off of its giving campaigns and attract the attention of long-lost alumni.

Integrate Alumni into Giving Plans
Article,  Community College News Article Community college advancement leaders should incorporate alumni into their institution’s long-term fundraising plans, says one foundation director.

Free Tuition or Not, a Fundraiser's Job Remains the Same
Article,  Community College News Article Even if students could attend community college for free—as President Obama proposed last month— chief fundraisers at two institutions whose students already benefit from local free-tuition programs say their jobs wouldn’t change significantly.

Plan Today for Success Tomorrow
Article,  Community College News Article Every community college advancement office needs a cohesive annual fundraising plan, says one foundation director.

Summit for Leaders in Advancement
Summit for Leaders in Advancement 2016 NYC

Pass or Fail?
CURRENTS Article In response to a negative Facebook post, Jessica White, a 2007 U of M grad who serves on the Dean's Young Alumni Council, writes a blog post explaining that all alumni gifts matter.

Outlook: Solicit Behavior
CURRENTS Article Dealing with alumni who don't want to be contacted seems uncomplicated. Yet the process isn't as simple as it seems. The do-not-solicit policy at many colleges and universities is imprecise and can undermine your institution's culture of giving—and lead to the loss of big gifts. It's time to rethink the do-not-solicit policy: Does it refer to all communications or just some? Is it temporary or permanent? Who has the authority to classify alumni that way? When do we re-engage alumni, and how?

Culture of Philanthropy
Good Question Does CASE have any resources on growing a culture of philanthropy?

CASE Asia-Pacific Advancement Conference 2018
Conference A training program that offers delegate a comprehensive overview of institutional advancement.

Fundraising Must Be Strategic to Succeed
Article,  BriefCASE Article To achieve sustained fundraising success, leaders of UK universities must strategically align philanthropy with their institution’s strategic plan, according to a new report.

Outlook: Can Gift Officers Be Both Fundraisers and Philanthropic Advisers?
CURRENTS Article Development officers are well-suited to help donors unleash their giving potential, even if other nonprofits benefit along with the institution. More development officers should take on this advising role, but it's important to follow some essential principles to protect you and your institution.

Asia Pacific Advancement Conference 2015
Conference Asia Pacific Advancement Conference 2015

48th Annual CASE-NAIS Independent Schools Conference
Conference Raise your school's level of success. The CASE-NAIS Independent Schools Conference draws more than 1,000 advancement professionals from around the world in an effort to transform the future of advancement at independent schools.

CEO Support Key to Award-Winning Fundraising
Article,  Community College News Article Advancement leaders at community colleges recently honored by CASE credit strong presidential support of their work for improvements in their institution’s fundraising.

District VII Conference - Connect West 2018
Conference District VII Conference - Connect West 2018

District VIII Conference 2018
Conference District VIII Conference 2018

District V Conference 2017
Conference District V Conference 2017

District VI Conference 2018
Conference District VI Conference 2018

District IV Conference 2018
Conference District IV Conference 2018

District III Conference 2018
Conference District III Conference 2018

District II Conference 2018
Conference District II Conference 2018

District I Conference 2018
Conference District I Conference 2018

Overcoming the Reluctance to Build Fundraising
Article,  BriefCASE Article Some international school leaders in the Asia-Pacific region are still reluctant to embrace fundraising despite growing opportunity, says a CASE faculty member.

Enhancing Fundraising Practices of the University of California, California State University, and California Private Universities
White Paper This white paper investigates differences in California higher education fundraising practices across the UC and CSU systems, as well as private institutions. Twelve major fundraising practices are assessed via survey research, and a significant relationship is found between development officer qualifications and donation revenue.

Focusing on What Matters
Article,  BriefCASE Article Educational institutions should think less about themselves and what they need and more about their broad constituencies and what they need, said a keynote speaker at the recent CASE Conference for Community College Advancement.

Need a Consultant?
CURRENTS Article How do you know when to call a consultant? How do you make the case for a consultant? What can you expect from a good consultant? A former development chief and now consultant, Laurel Price Jones answers all of your questions about hiring an outside advisor.

UK Academic Leaders, Others Learn about Fundraising from Canadian Institutions
Article,  BriefCASE Article More than eight academic leaders learned about the importance of stewardship, what motivates donors to give and the impact of institutional branding during a recent CASE Europe fundraising study tour to four Canadian institutions.

Need for Student Affairs Fundraising on the Rise
Article,  BriefCASE Article Student affairs programming on many campuses is expanding and so is the need for dedicated fundraising to support it, say two CASE faculty members.

The Barriers to Building a Culture of Philanthropy
Podcast Fresno State's Peter Smits discusses some roadblocks that institutions hit when attempting to grow a culture of philanthropy on their campus.

Outlook: A New View on Fundraising
CURRENTS Article With public funding for community colleges dwindling, the leaders of these two-year institutions will be increasingly focused on raising philanthropic support, necessitating a change in their traditional campus roles.

Make an Idea ‘Go Viral’
Article,  Advancement Weekly Article A marketing professor says there are rational reasons why certain ideas "go viral," several of which can be leveraged when marketing a nonprofit fundraising campaign.

CASE Advancement Conference in Middle East
Conference CASE Asia-Pacific is organizing its inaugural conference in Middle East.

Community College CEO/Chief Development Officer Survey Report
Report Do community college presidents believe they're getting adequate support from chief fundraisers? Do fundraisers believe that their CEOs understand their roles in fundraising success? In summer 2012, CASE conducted parallel surveys of community college CEOs and chief development officers to gather their perspectives on their roles and relationship. The surveys and a presentation of the findings are included.

New Survey Explores Role of Technology in Fundraising, Alumni Relations
Article,  BriefCASE Article Fundraisers and alumni relations practitioners believe advancement-enabling technology, such as events management software, is central to meeting their goals but say a lack of staff prevents them from using technology more effectively. That’s according to a recent survey of advancement practitioners.

Three Paths to Fundraising Success
Article,  Community College News Article There’s more than one way for a community college to significantly improve its overall fundraising performance. Just ask three award-winning institutions from Kentucky, New York and Virginia.

Health Fundraising Gains Traction in the U.K.
Article,  BriefCASE Article Sensing a new market for donor cultivation, more universities in the United Kingdom are interested in integrating fundraising for health research into their existing development operations.

On the Road Again
CURRENTS Article Should you stay at a prospective donor's home? Should you accept the luxury upgrade when the rental car company offers it? Veteran fundraisers answer these questions and more while sharing their tips from getting to Donor A to Donor B with one's sanity intact.

Moving Out
CURRENTS Article Several public college and university development shops in recent years have moved fundraising operations to new or existing institutionally related foundations. The benefits of such a move include better engagement of donors and alumni in development work, but transitioning the staff can be challenging.

Taking AIMS
CURRENTS Article What is the return on every dollar spent on advancement? CASE surveyed 120 institutions for a benchmarking study on advancement investments and return.

Independent School Head/Chief Development Officer Survey Report
Report Do school heads believe they're getting adequate support from chief fundraisers? Do fundraisers believe that their school heads understand their roles in fundraising success? In fall 2011, CASE conducted parallel surveys of independent school heads and chief development officers to gather their perspectives on their roles and relationship. The surveys and a presentation of the findings are included.

A Snapshot of "Unraveling the Myths of Chinese American Giving: Exploring Donor Motivations and Effective Fundraising Strategies for U.S. Higher Education"
White Paper This white paper, a snapshot of the author's dissertation research, explores donor motivations among Chinese Americans and looks at fundraising strategies that higher education institutions might use to exploit those motivations. This paper will be useful for fundraising professionals who wish to develop culturally sensitive fundraising strategies.

New Best Practices in Prospect Research
Article,  BriefCASE Article If done effectively, prospect research has the potential to substantially improve the fundraising efforts of higher education institutions. A new report, based on an analysis of survey data from a cross-section of institutions in the United States, identifies 10 of the best practices used by high-performing fundraising programs.

Lessons for All Following Inquiry into UK University's Libyan Ties
Article,  BriefCASE Article The United Kingdom's former Lord Chief Justice released last month a report on the findings from an inquiry into links between the London School of Economics and Political Science and the regime of recently deposed Libyan dictator Muammar el Qaddafi. And though the focus of the investigation, including its recommendations for reform, concern but one British institution, the executive director of CASE Europe says there are lessons for those in higher education around the globe.

CASE Europe: Ethical Principles Behind the Acceptance of Gifts
Best Practice CASE Europe staff developed these 10 principles in collaboration with the Ross Group and the 1994 Group of Development Directors in September 2011.

Aligning Donor Vision with Institutional Needs
Podcast Learn what "painfully and embarrassingly obvious" maxim Chris Cox from the University of Manchester believes every development officer should remember before courting a donor. Also, catch what Cox calls a "soul-destroying" method of approaching institutional fundraising.

Out of Focus
CURRENTS Article For years, development officers have cultivated prospective donors by listening to their deepest desires. Now, development officers' work increasingly involves devising a strategy for aligning the donor's desires with the mission, goals, and needs of their institution.

Peligro claro y presente
CURRENTS Article Recibir un donativo comprometedor, de amigos, gobiernos foráneos o emprendedores con antecedentes penales, le puede pasar a cualquier institución en cualquier momento. Pero hay formas de minimizar los riesgos y problemas que esto puede causar.

Clear and Present Danger
CURRENTS Article Gifts gone bad, whether they are donations from once-friendly foreign governments now scorned or from famous entrepreneurs subsequently convicted of fraud, can happen to any institution at any time. But, there are ways to minimize risks and limit any fallout if a gift sours.

Legislative and IRS Update 2018
Webinar Led by John Taylor and Brian Flahaven, this webinar will examine the upcoming changes regarding rules for charitable giving and nonprofit management and will assess what is new as well as what's misunderstood.

Fundraising Model Proves Successful for Smaller Institutions
Article,  BriefCASE Article With a bit of ingenuity and complete trust in its volunteers, a two-person advancement team at a community college in California raised US$40,000 in two weeks. Officials behind the campaign blitz say their formula for success is tailor-made for two-year and four-year institutions with limited staff and resources.

Donors Optimistic About 2011 Giving
Article,  BriefCASE Article Fundraisers have the power to increase donor retention and gift value by communicating measurable results of giving, reports a new survey on donor giving in North America.

CURRENTS Article 教育促进与支持委员会总裁李彬与您分享教育机构筹募十个最大的常见错误。

Faith and Fundraising
CURRENTS Article This article examines fundraising practices at schools with religious affiliations. Faith plays an important though usually subtle role in these institutions' advancement efforts because it is often important to the donors they seek out. Overall, development officers at religious colleges, universities, and independent schools use the same tactics as their colleagues working at secular schools. But the religious nature of their schools often creates strong ties between the institution and alumni, parents, and other constituents that can be beneficial when raising funds.

Multichannel Donor Marketing: "No More Talk; Let's Make it Happen!"
Article,  BriefCASE Article Donors don't just read email and answer phone calls; they have access to and are influenced by a wide range of media. Reaching out to donors using multiple channels not only makes sense but also has the potential for greater sustained outreach and gift-giving, according to nonprofit marketing experts.

Building Better Donors
CURRENTS Article This article encourages institutions to engage donors by offering them donor education programs. The author describes three types of programs: those that teach basic how-to information about donating, those that empower donors to think of themselves as philanthropists, and those that use faculty experts to provide subject-specific knowledge about topics of interest to the donors, such as the environment.

Building Something More
CURRENTS Article The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign uses a website, social media, video, and photography to highlight the facelift of an institutional landmark while investing in the future with a scholarship program for its students.

Outlook: The Gift Grid
CURRENTS Article Henry E. Riggs, president emeritus of Harvey Mudd College and Keck Graduate Institute, argues that gifts exist along a utility continuum, from gifts of high utility, or great benefit, to gifts of negative utility.

Currents 中文版
CURRENTS Article 以下文章翻译自CASE Currents月刊:

Crecimiento que da frutos
CURRENTS Article En el clima económico actual, las donaciones se hacen cada vez más comunes entre universidades públicas y privadas, aunque varía ampliamente cómo cada institución distribuye de forma diferente la donación. Este artículo examina las políticas de las donaciones en diferentes instituciones y demuestra que es importante tener una buena política de distribución y una comunicación siempre clara con el donante, estas son las claves para la aplicación de una política responsable.

Seeding Growth
CURRENTS Article In the current economic climate, gift fees are becoming more common among both private and public universities, although institutions vary widely in the way they assess and distribute such fees. This article examines the gift fee policies at various institutions and shows that having a strong case for a gift fee policy and clearly communicating it to donors are the keys to implementing a fiscally responsible policy that doesn't alienate constituents.

Gift Fees
Good Question Our institution is about to begin charging gift fees. Do you have examples of how other institutions are communicating about this fee to their different audiences?

Gift Fee Policies & Disclosure Statements
Sample Collection The Library maintains this collection of links to gift fee policies, disclosure statements and fee schedules for all CASE members.

Donors Demand More Accountability from Nonprofits, Survey Says
Article,  BriefCASE Article A global survey on the state of the nonprofit industry reveals that donors worldwide are demanding more accountability of nonprofits.

Perspectiva del expresidente de CASE: ¿El error más grave? No aprender de nuestros errores
CURRENTS Article Hace algunos años, cuando Facebook comenzaba a saltar de un dormitorio a, bueno, todos los dormitorios, algunos líderes de exalumnos se preguntaron si la creciente popularidad de Facebook sería el fin de las reuniones. No pasaba un día sin que escuchara hablar sobre exalumnos que habían encontrado compañeros a los que les habían perdido la pista y estaban organizando reuniones a través de este medio.

Cultivating Lifelong Donors: Stewardship and the Fundraising Pyramid
White Paper Written by Frank Barry, Lawrence Henze, David Lamb and Katherine Swank as part of the Blackbaud Desktop Reference Series, this free 60-page book explains the fundraising pyramid and the importance of stewarding donors and building relationships throughout the donor lifecycle.

President's Perspective: The Greatest Mistake? Not Learning from Our Mistakes
CURRENTS Article CASE President John Lippincott offers his top 10 list of common mistakes in educational fundraising.

Project: Transformation
CURRENTS Article With an effort that touched every area of advancement, the Villanova School of Business succeeded in taking its program to a new level of academic and fundraising achievement.

¿Cómo desarrollar los artículos correctos?
CURRENTS Article Michael Kiser de Virginia Tech analiza la forma en que logró que las comunicaciones de desarrollo centraran su atención en índices que no fueran las cifras. Ahora, su oficina escribe sobre los resultados de las campañas y vincula sus mensajes con los objetivos estratégicos de la universidad. Por ejemplo, en lugar de escribir un artículo cuando la universidad recibe una donación importante, espera hasta que el dinero de esa donación se haya utilizado para construir las nuevas instalaciones y escribe sobre lo que éstas significan para la escuela. Los lectores externos no sólo consideran que estos artículos son más interesantes, estos artículos también le brindan al público interno una mejor idea de lo que se logra con la recaudación de fondos.

Outlook: Saying What We Mean
CURRENTS Article The retired vice president of the University of Wisconsin Foundation pens this opinion column on the dark side of some of the most common development phrases. Does anyone really want to describe their best friend as "low-hanging fruit"? Ick!

Developing the Right Stories
CURRENTS Article Michael Kiser of Virginia Tech discusses how he successfully shifted the focus of development communications away from numbers. Instead, his office now writes about campaign outcomes and ties its messages to the university's strategic aims. For example, instead of writing a story when the university receives a major gift, he waits until the money from that gift has been used to build a new facility and writes about what that new facility has meant for the school. Not only do external audiences find these stories more interesting, but such stories give internal audiences a better understanding of what fundraising does.

Incremente sus relaciones
CURRENTS Article El procurador de fondos debe estar enfocado en ver la manera de mejorar e incrementar las relación con sus donantes.

Office Space: Growing Your Relationships
CURRENTS Article Instead of focusing on the bottom line, fundraisers should really be looking at how their relationships have grown.

Research that U.K. Fundraisers Would Like to See Conducted
CURRENTS Article This chart shows the results of a recent survey in which U.K. fundraisers were asked which topics they'd like to see more research performed. The No. 1 topic was "identification of new segments of society that would be likely to give."

Onward and Upward
CURRENTS Article The vice president of development of the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts reports on new efforts at his institution and others to cultivate more gifts from midlevel donors as leadership gifts have become more scarce during the recession.

Suddenly in the Spotlight
CURRENTS Article Community college enrollments in the United States are soaring. At the same time, however, states are slashing budgets, and more students applying to community colleges today qualify for financial aid. With less money to educate more students, community colleges are turning to more strategic fundraising to fulfill their missions and meet expectations.

The Way We Ask Now
CURRENTS Article Frontline fundraisers discuss the highs and lows of trying to raise major gifts during the economic downturn.

HBCUs Can Build Stronger Support through Faculty, Others with Vested Interest
Article,  BriefCASE Article Historically black colleges and universities that engage faculty, staff, alumni and other "vested" individuals in their overall fundraising efforts enjoy stronger giving and volunteer support. That’s according to three presenters at a recent CASE Online Speaker Series.

Connecting with Donor of the Future Requires Thought, Strategic Plan
Article,  BriefCASE Article The changing economy and social media are among the factors shaping a new generation of donors, and fundraisers must “get smarter” and learn what motivates this group to give, according to a recent article in University Business.

First in Class
CURRENTS Article This story presents profiles of eight Grand Gold winners of the 2009 Circle of Excellence awards.

Happy Together
CURRENTS Article The recession has slowed the intense job hopping of recent years in fundraising. At this moment of pause, CURRENTS talks to four professionals at various stages of their careers to discover what factors contribute to job satisfaction.

Les 10 erreurs les plus courantes…à ne pas commettre
CURRENTS Article Pour une fois, Côté pratique ne vous dira pas ce qu’il faut faire…mais tout ce qu’il ne faut pas faire ! Voici les dix erreurs que John Lippincott, président de CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education), appelait à ne pas commettre dans un article publié en septembre sur le site Internet S’il s’est bâti une solide expérience dans l’univers de l’enseignement supérieur, ses conseils valent aussi bien pour l’ensemble de nos propres domaines d’activités.

Grateful Patients are Often Giving Donors
Article,  BriefCASE Article Individuals who have received care at an academic medical center are usually very grateful—and giving, if asked.

Big Pond, Small Fish
CURRENTS Article Large foundations are casting about for community colleges so their gifts will have a bigger impact. A parallel trend is two-year institutions creating their own educational foundations. The combination means greater funds for education improvement, research, and more.

The Advancement Myths of Community Colleges
CURRENTS Article This article shows how community college advancement is busting the myths about poor fundraising results, lack of alumni loyalty, and negative public perceptions. The reality is that development at two-year institutions is becoming more sophisticated and successful, alumni do stay engaged with their two-year alma maters, and the community college brand is coming into its own.

Advance Work: Fat-Free and Profitable
CURRENTS Article School fundraisers are usually more necessary than fun, but selling books instead of sweets might help sales and provide a better profit margin.

Away They Go?
CURRENTS Article Donor fatigue is real, even if your institution hasn't experienced it yet. Development officers talk about how they define the issue and keep it from becoming a problem.

Advance Work: Gifted Fundraising
CURRENTS Article A donor at William Penn Charter School created a $1 million endowment to fund the development office.

The Hidden Asset
CURRENTS Article This article unlocks the door to a seldom-seen source for gifts. The author, an expert in business notes, explains how to find these assets, discuss them with donors, and factor in the tax implications.

From Minority to Majority
CURRENTS Article Fiscal stability is their biggest challenge, say leaders at historically black colleges and universities. In the past, development offices lacked staff, technology, and other resources. To remedy the problems, the Kresge Foundation awarded grants to five HBCUs selected from a pool of applicants. Using these funds, the participating institutions improved their advancement operations systemwide, resulting in a huge increase in funds raised, more sophisticated technology, better database records, and better trained development professionals. This article imparts the lessons of the initiative of benefit to all HBCUs.

Closing Remarks: Global Lessons
CURRENTS Article Contrary to popular belief, Americans did not invent education fund raising. Instead, they turned into a profession the centuries-old practice the British called "benefaction-chasing." The author reflects on how things have changed since the early 1990s, when Europeans were eager to learn "American-style" fund raising. Today, with the rapid pace of advancement innovation outside North America, the rest of the world may soon beat the United States at its own game.

Increasing Voluntary Giving to Higher Education: Task Force Report to Government
Report Often called the Thomas Report in reference to Eric Thomas' role as chair of the Task Force on Voluntary Giving to Higher Education, this key report from May 2004 sets forth the UK Government's proposals for building fundraising infrastructure and increasing voluntary giving to higher education.

AdvanceWork: Web Watch
CURRENTS Article A roundup of new and notable Web sites includes ones that provide nonprofit tax forms to the public, language translation assistance, news on philanthropy and higher education, and a dictionary of fund-raising terms.

The Science of Attraction
CURRENTS Article Annual fund directors are starting to use market research to better understand what populations of donor prospects will respond to, target more accurately, and cut the cost of mail and telephone campaigns. This article covers what well-crafted focus groups and surveys can uncover and steps to doing research. Also included is a short article on how to get valid research results. This article is of interest to annual fund directors and advancement services staffs who work with development communications.

Bright Ideas for Dark Times
CURRENTS Article Ten creative ways to battle fund-raising budget cuts include starting to plan the next campaign, evaluating cost per dollar raised, concentrating on prospects with the greatest potential, segmenting appeals, and striving to keep morale up. This article is of interest to advancement managers and managers of campaigns and annual and major gift programs.

Goals and Assists
CURRENTS Article Prospect researchers and development officers must form a partnership to identify potential donors' ability, interest, and desire to give. This article provides three guidelines for building a productive relationship and includes a table showing the differences in the information that researchers and development officers are likely to uncover. This article is of interest to development officers and prospect researchers.

A Delicate Balance of Leadership
CURRENTS Article In an interview with CURRENTS staff, the president of New School University, former senator Bob Kerrey, discusses his efforts to advance the university. The article should be of particular interest to CEOs, CAOs, and others interested in a campus president's role in fund raising.

Mending Student Discontent
CURRENTS Article Alumni still carrying grievances from their student days can be turned into enthusiastic donors if development officers listen to and address those grievances. Development officers should also be alert to the dissatisfactions of current students, and can try to collaborate with other campus departments to improve the student experience, in order to cultivate future donors.

Shifting Gears
CURRENTS Article Cornell University development officers successfully shifted to a project- and team-based approach to fund raising, leaving behind the previous organizational model based around schools and units. This new approach has allowed the university to raise funds for priority projects without launching an institution-wide campaign. As an example, the authors describe the successful team-based effort to fund renovation and expansion of Cornell’s music building.

From a Sprinkle to a Shower
CURRENTS Article Once rare, education fund raising has taken off in continental Europe

Manager's Portfolio: Stranger in a Strange Land
CURRENTS Article For development and alumni relations officers from North America, there are new career opportunities in Europe, where advancement disciplines are rapidly gaining a foothold.

Meeting the Global Challenge
CURRENTS Article Recent economic and political changes in Mexico hold promise for the nation’s universities, but private fund raising will be crucial to fulfilling that promise. The author provides an overview of the history and current status of higher education and philanthropy in Mexico, and argues that institutions will need to expand their advancement efforts in order to prosper.

Do I Have to Ask People for Money?
CURRENTS Article Faculty at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have become expert fund raisers for their programs by calling on the expertise of the development department. The development staff has even created a special class for professors interested in fund raising.

Sowing the Seeds of Philanthropy
CURRENTS Article Academics have an essential role to play in the fund-raising process today, as donors target their gifts more precisely and are more insistent on results. Faculty members are often the best spokespeople for a program, project, or school and can be an important source of prospects themselves. They are coming to see fund raising as a natural extension of their planning and budgeting responsibilities.

Bridging the Gap
CURRENTS Article The development office and the business office often seem to operate at odds with one another, but building a good working relationship is worth the effort. One reason for conflict is that the two sides track income differently. Understanding one another’s approach, assisting one another, and building personal ties can all help advancement and finance officers smooth the waters.

A View from Across the Pond
CURRENTS Article In an interview, Ben Morton Wright presents findings from his survey of the relatively new educational fund-raising field in Britain. He describes changes in government policy that encouraged the development of the fund-raising area, the profession's growth, its gradual progress toward being accepted within academia, obstacles presented by the tax structure, gift-reporting problems, and other challenges.

AdvanceWork: A View from the Top
CURRENTS Article The wealthiest Americans give significantly more of their incomes to charity than others — and usually education benefits

Finding Funds for Fellowships
CURRENTS Article What special challenges do institutions face in raising graduate funds? How do they identify and cultivate prospects? Those institutions that are successful focus on how support of graduate student programs helps fuel the local economy, helps the institution attract the best students and faculty, and allow students more creative freedom. Development officers make the academic disciplines central in their fundraising approach and thus can tap into the field-specific knowledge of individual departments.

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