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Encourage Employees to Keep Learning
Advancement Weekly Article As a leader, it is your duty to empower your staff to keep learning and developing professionally. Leaders who do this will see a multitude of benefits within their organizations, writes one management expert.

Improved Posture Improves Performance
Article,  Advancement Weekly Article Managers who adopt certain body poses can boost their confidence and assertiveness, according to research.

Executives Shouldn't Fear Coaching
Article,  Advancement Weekly Article Leaders who embrace coaching are able to develop their skills in critical areas such as conflict resolution and team building, according to new research.

Give a Great Handshake
Article,  Advancement Weekly Article Learning the etiquette of a proper handshake can build a manager’s self-confidence and reputation, says a body language expert.

Maximize Your Webinar Experience
Article,  Advancement Weekly Article Employees should avoid multi-tasking when listening to webinars to get the most out of these online presentations, says a researcher.

Survive a Nitpicking Boss
Article,  Advancement Weekly Article Employees and managers don’t have to let hypercritical supervisors make their work life miserable, says a professional counselor.

Don’t Be Shy at Conferences
Article,  Advancement Weekly Article Sitting in the front row at a conference improves attendees’ focus on presentation material and their chances of meeting speakers, says a networking expert.

Making Self-Improvement Simple
Article,  Advancement Weekly Article Managers and their employees can master any new skill—from public speaking to using social media to analyzing data—by following a few general rules, say workplace experts.

Make the Most of Conference Attendance
Advancement Weekly Article Conference-goers who prepare in advance and make thoughtful choices about how they interact with speakers and attendees can make the experience more rewarding, says a communications professional.

Guaranteed Ways to Earn Respect
Advancement Weekly Article There are few management skills more important than commanding respect, says a communications expert.

Don't Share Too Much at the Office
Advancement Weekly Article An executive coach says employees of all ages seem more eager to provide too much personal information at work these days.

Slow Down to Avoid Bad Decisions at Work
Advancement Weekly Article New research says that managers who work too fast and rush into decisions are more likely to make selfish and unethical choices.

Leaders Should be Global Citizens
Advancement Weekly Article Given how interconnected and international the workforce has become, it is increasingly important for organizational leaders to be global citizens and understand the importance of cultural nuances, write two management experts.

Improving Executive Presence
Advancement Weekly Article Executive presence is not an innate quality. Rather, it’s a set of learned skills that can enable managers to command attention, says one leadership expert.

Tips for Personal Leadership Development
Advancement Weekly Article To be a great leader, you must be a continual learner, writes one management guru.

To Be More Inventive, Think Like a Child
Advancement Weekly Article New research suggests there are methods of thinking that anyone can adopt to come up with more creative ideas.

How to Be More Decisive
Advancement Weekly Article Managers should be able to make decisions in a timely manner without being paralyzed by the fear of making a mistake, say a handful of leadership gurus.

Build an Anti-Stress Arsenal
Advancement Weekly Article Managers may not always have control over the demands of their job, but they do have control over themselves and their immediate surroundings.

How to Get out of a Leadership Rut
Advancement Weekly Article Some managers can get comfortable playing things safely and stop investing in their own personal growth and development. They, essentially, become a leader in title only. Sound familiar?

Manager's Special: Most Popular Stories of 2011
Advancement Weekly Article Want to know what’s been keeping your fellow managers up at night? Advancement Weekly celebrates its six-month anniversary by counting down its top five most-read stories.

Habits to Avoid at Conferences
Advancement Weekly Article Conferences are a great place to share knowledge and network. But conference attendees who engage in certain bad habits can fail to take advantage of the resources surrounding them—and are sure to garner the ire of fellow attendees.

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