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FAQ about Alumni Giving
This FAQ document on ethically counting gifts from alumni was developed by the CASE Commission on Alumni Relations in consultation with the CASE Commission on Philanthropy. It was approved by both commissions in October 2007.

About the CASE Reporting Standards & Management Guidelines
The CASE Reporting Standards & Management Guidelines, developed by educational fundraising professionals from a broad range of institutions and organizations, provide a common set of definitions and procedures for reporting the results of fundraising activities at educational institutions. The standards and guidelines have evolved over 30 years to reflect changes in the profession.

Clarification to CASE Reporting Standards on Counting Issues
This document outlines clarification to the CASE Reporting Standards & Management Guidelines, 4th edition (CASE, 2009) as endorsed by the CASE Commission on Philanthropy in October 2011. Clarification is provided regarding counting donations in three categories: intellectual property and patents, conservation easements and corporate partnerships.

Gift Processing and Records Management Workshop: Spring
Conference Gift Processing and Records Management Workshop: Spring

Donation Inflation
CURRENTS Article Many development leaders grouse that liberal arithmetic for determining fundraising totals is becoming more common and does not comply with CASE's Reporting Standards & Management Guidelines. No one CURRENTS contacted for this story wanted to charge specific institutions with promoting bogus totals, but everyone wanted to talk about what they feel is a scourge on the profession. They cited examples of practices that enable institutions to claim they're breaking fundraising records. Such practices pressure other institutions to keep up, detract from the mission of educational institutions, undermine the promise and joy of philanthropy, and damage the profession's reputation.

Campaign Guidelines
Sample Collection The Library maintains this collection of campaign guidelines for all CASE members.

Gift Acceptance Policies
Good Question We are revising our gift acceptance policy and are interested in reviewing samples from other institutions. Do you have any samples or best practices to share?

Gift Acceptance Policies
Sample Collection The Library maintains this collection of gift acceptance policies from independent schools, colleges and universities.

HMRC "Clarifies" Gift Aid Guidelines for UK Charities
Article,  BriefCASE Article HM Revenue & Customs has updated its recently revised gift aid guidelines following numerous queries for further information about the changes.

Legislative and IRS Update 2018
Webinar Led by John Taylor and Brian Flahaven, this webinar will examine the upcoming changes regarding rules for charitable giving and nonprofit management and will assess what is new as well as what's misunderstood.

Records Retention Policies
Sample Collection The Library maintains this collection of records retention and destruction policies for all CASE membes.

Filing and Recordkeeping Requirements
Excerpt In this excerpt from Advancement Services: A Foundation for Fundraising, 2nd ed. (CASE, 2007), author Amy J. Phillips discusses IRS requirements and recordkeeping issues and practices.

Reconciling Advancement Services and Accounting: Five Principles to Help Explain the Relationship and End the Confusion
Article First published as Chapter 20 of Advancement Services: Research and Technology Support for Fund Raising (CASE, 1999), this article discusses differences between how the development or advancement services office and the business/finance office count and report gift income.

Gift/Bio Administration, Compliance, and Ethics: University of Colorado Foundation - Bronze Medal
Best Practice The University of Colorado implemented electronic desktop deposit and electronic transmittal logging for staff processing gifts at multiple campuses and the foundation. The project resulted in improved donor satisfaction, increased operational efficiency and improved audit controls.

What Is "A" Transaction?
CURRENTS Article Development officers count the total number of gift transactions as part of their performance measures. However, a single transaction can take a few minutes or days or even weeks. It depends on whether it's just a check or a mysterious transfer of stock.

IRS Rules and Regulations: What You Need to Know to Stay Out of Trouble
Alison L. Paul
Excerpt This chapter from John Taylor's Advancement Services: A Foundation for Fund Raising, 2nd ed. (CASE, 2007), discusses IRS rules and regulations for a variety of gift types, as well as filing and recordkeeping requirements for advancement services operations.

AdvanceWork: Receipting Year-End Gifts
CURRENTS Article Advancement Services with John H. Taylor

AdvanceWork: Deutsche Marks to Dollars
CURRENTS Article John H. Taylor responds to the question of counting gifts received in foreign currencies.

AdvanceWork: Giving Through Umbrella Agencies
CURRENTS Article John H. Taylor responds to a question about sending a receipt or acknowledgement to donors who give through the United Way.

AdvanceWork: Double-Checking?
CURRENTS Article Advancement Services with John H. Taylor

End Notes: Psst! Want a Match?
CURRENTS Article As institutions struggle to increase their numbers of matching gifts, staff need to be aware that over-zealous donors may go to great lengths to have their gifts matched. Staff must adhere to the matching gift guidelines established by participating companies, and be mindful of whether to recognize the gift as coming from the employee or the company, among other issues. Several problem areas related to the acceptance and recording of matching gifts are described.

Having Double Trouble?
CURRENTS Article If matching gift programs are to succeed, colleges and universities must institute procedures that make it clear which donor gifts are eligible for matches and make it easy to go after them. First, it is important to spread the word about your matching gift program, using volunteers if necessary. Other ways to announce your matching gift program include: 1) highlighting potential matching gift donors before a phonathon and training callers to ask for employer information; 2) sending information with pledge reminders; 3) mailing leaflets, such as those available through CASE; and 4) promoting the program in donor newsletters. Another approach is to focus on several companies that employ large numbers of your alumni and establishing a corporate agent program.

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