Alumni Relations Programs

Volunteer Engagement and Leadership

Seven entries

Gold Award

University of Exeter (United Kingdom) - The Gift of Time (alumni volunteer hours)

Annual Alumni Programs

16 entries

Silver Award

London Business School - Worldwide Alumni Celebration - Connecting For Impact

Bronze Award

University of Phoenix Alumni Association (Ariz.) - University of Phoenix Homecoming 2011

Programming for Special Constituencies

10 entries

Gold Award

Cornell University (N.Y.) - Cornell Entrepreneur Network (CEN)

New Program Initiatives

25 entries

Silver Award

University of Nebraska Foundation - University of Nebraska at Omaha Young Alumni Academy

Bronze Award

Carroll University (Wis.) - Carroll University National Day of Service 2011

Student Alumni Initiatives

Eight entries

Silver Award

University of California, San Diego - Welcoming Future Alumni to the UCSD Community

Marketing and Branding

12 entries

Silver Award

University of Washington - UWAA Membergrams

Creative Use of Technology

20 entries

Silver Award

Indiana University - Spirit of IU Website

Bronze Awards

University of Cincinnati (Ohio) - University of Cincinnati Foundation e-Valentine Application

University of Missouri, Columbia - Mizzou IQ Games