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New York University, Undergraduate Admissions Package

Contact: Debra Rudick, undergraduate accounts director, Advertising and Publications, 25 West Fourth St., Sixth Floor, New York, NY 10012, Phone: (212) 998-6821, e-mail:

Objectives: New York University is a major private research university located in New York City. The undergraduate programs in our eight undergraduate colleges include more than 160 areas of study and over 2,500 courses. One central admissions office handles the recruitment efforts for all eight colleges. Together, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the Office of Advertising and Publications produce more than 90 recruitment publications that target high school students by age: freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. This package is part of one developed for high school juniors.

Through world-class faculty, research experiences, professional experiences, and scholarship, NYU strives to attract students who are independent and creative thinkers with the versatility, resourcefulness, and social awareness to succeed and thrive in dynamic environments. They must have energy and focus, the desire to excel and to face challenges in all aspects of life—intellectually, professionally, and personally.

The overall goal of the recruitment publications for the fall 2004 entering class was to introduce NYU and its seven undergraduate colleges to students across the country, to provide information about the more than 160 academic programs/ majors, and to increase awareness of NYU’s desire to recruit a strong freshman class who are “doers”; students who were eager to make use of NYU’s resources, community, and opportunities. These publications targeted high school students in the top five percent of their class who were also interested in attending college in an urban environment. Specifically, our objective was to fill to capacity a predetermined number of available slots at each of the seven undergraduate colleges.

In addition to the four pieces submitted, the undergraduate admissions recruitment publications system for high school juniors includes two additional newsletters for students, and second issue for parents, a Visit NYU brochure, and invitations to on and off-campus events.

Staffing: The NYU Office of Advertising and Publications is an internal publications office that employs 35 people who work as account managers, print buyers, editors, designers, writers, and media buyers. Operating within the NYU Office of Advertising and Publications, the undergraduate recruitment team consists of an account director, a senior writer, three writer/project managers, and an art director, all of whom work with a bullpen of print buyers and editors. With leadership and guidance from three senior staff members at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, the undergraduate recruitment team produces approximately 90 publications every two years that target high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and their parents.



Print Run

Junior Viewbook


Two year

Junior Fulfillment Brochure


One year

Junior News #2


One year

Jr Parents News #1


One year

d. Unit Cost/Total Production Costs*

Unit Cost

Total Production Costs

Junior Viewbook



Junior Fulfillment Brochure



Junior News #2



Jr Parents News #1



*Because these publications are produced in-house, creative costs (including design, writing, and photography) are not separable and are included within the total production costs.

Documented Results: Because this package is an outreach to high school juniors, statistical results will not be available until 2008 when we can measure how many of this audience applies.