Best Articles of the Year

Platinum Winner

University of Chicago (IL) (District V) - Microbial Me: Scientists are deciphering how microbes not only make us sick but also keep our bodies working

Judges' Comments: The writer has taken a large and complex topic and delivered an overview that is informative and easy to comprehend. This is no simple task. The judges liked that this article could easily fit well as a feature in Wired, Scientific American or The Atlantic. The piece does a great job of following one researcher and his work, yet weaving in the related work of other researchers. It also explains the complicated scientific concepts extremely well, with fun turns of phrase. This article is a model for the rest of us on how to write about an area where your school has several researchers working on different pieces of the puzzle.


Duke University (NC) (District IV) - The Legal Burden

Harvard Business School (MA) (District I) - Higher Ground

Stanford University (CA) (District VII) - "Immune System Disruption"

The University of British Columbia (Canada) (District VIII) - "Walk Softly When You Carry the Dead"

University of Houston (TX) (District IV) - The Essence of Reality Is Change

University of Kansas (KS) (District VI) - "The Man with Wings on His Feet," Kansas Alumni Magazine, issue 6, 2014

University of Maryland College Park (MD) (District II) - "Our Bias"

University of Notre Dame (IN) (District V) - "Gamer"

Williams College (MA) (District I) - Standing Strong Against Sexual Assault